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Public Enemy # 1 (Don’t Believe the Hype!)

Public Enemy #1—Don’t believe the hype.

Fantasy magazines and articles are recycled nonsense. I read an article today about a QB who “will throw plenty of touchdowns”.

A RB that will play immediately because “they drafted him so high”.  Here’s an idea… Have your own opinions! I read a bunch of guest columns that were recycled from the net. I never knew it was so easy to be a genius, just cut and paste. Do us a favor and just post the link to wherever you got the story. it’s much easier for the reader.

Reading bland recycled columns is like playing telephone. You know the one where you tell the story down a line of people and it gets more distorted with each person. Do you think you are telling us anything about Peyton Manning that we haven’t already read in every magazine? Do yourself and the readers of fantasy sharks a favor, when you feel resistance with the q-tip, then stop pushing it in.

 Plaxico Burress is an elite receiver. Look Elite up in the dictionary (Steve Rudy Jr.) . There’s a picture of Plax and his freakish frame (6’5 232). Overpaying for Plax? Who’s in a better situation for scores than him? Here’s the traditional order that I see most in rankings: 1. Moss 2. Wayne 3.T.O. 4. Braylon edwards 5. Andre Johnson  6. TJ horseradish 7. Chad Johnson 8.Larry Fitz. 9. Steve Smith (Car.) 10. Torry Holt 11.Burress

The answer is after catching 29 TD’s in three years and having to put up with Eli coming to fruition, He’s pretty darn good. If you could even get him in a keeper league, That would be great. In redraft leagues, He goes early. How can you overpay? You sound like you want to know something about value and simply don’t. If his 70 catches results in 12 Td’s, what does that tell you?

They target this guy early and often in the redzone. Are there any 6’5 conerbacks? Is he just going to stop catching TD’s? I don’t think so. 

Draft Plax and thank your lucky stars that he was there in the first round where you picked. He’s averaged 15.7 yards per catch throughout his career. He’s safe in yardage leagues too. When Shockey goes down, He becomes the

one man offense.  I’ll play this guy in my lineup every week simply for the catch/td ratio.

Don’t discount the twelve TD’s as one good year. Eli just keeps getting better with every snap. In racing, The more experience time a driver gets behind the wheel, the more comfortable he is with the car. People refer to it as “seat time”. I think it’s about time that you took a seat Steve.


Burress will have a better season than your “safe” pick ocho cinco. You know the one who might show up to camp and create a media frenzy because he isn’t getting everything he wants. Boo Hoo. Sounds like a safe pick to me. I pick based on potential, and Burress is a fantasy monster.His upside potential is up there with the likes of Moss, and Owens. He is top 5 this season easily barring injury.

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