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Q&A Week 5

But this and other things like this are the reasons why we love Fantasy Football. The unexpected. I mean come on, who really thought that a forty-year-old QB in Dallas would be a legitimate Fantasy starter? Or that Curtis Martin would be tearing it like he is? These are the kind of things that both drive us nuts and keep us laughing all the way to the bank.


The enormous amount of unexpected events this season has got a lot of fellow sharks back peddling and in a effort to give them some forward momentum I fielded a ton of emails this week. Here are a few.



James: Hi, I was offered a trade of Kevan Barlow and Joe Horn for Roy Williams, André Johnson and Michael Bennett.  Do you think this is a good trade? 


I was thinking of counter offering with Amos Zereoue instead of Michael Bennett because I will be hurting for an RB in week 9 when my two starters have byes.  Please give me any advice you would have on what moves I should make. 


My roster consists of: Bulger and Harrington for QB, Tory Holt, Randy Moss, Tyrone Calico, Roy Williams and André Johnson for WR, Chris Brown, Ahman Green, Mike Bennett and Zereoue for RB with Jeb Putzier and Todd Heap for TE. 


Thanks, any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Corey D:


Lets break this trade down.


You get Kevan Barlow (A RB with a busted knee and shoulder on a team that can’t stay close enough on the scoreboard to establish any kind of rushing attack) and Joe Horn (WR with a busted knee but is still a top 10 WR and producing).  


You give up Roy Williams (WR ranked in the top 5 that is being traded for players like Vick, Favre, and Thomas Jones on ESPN), Andre Johnson (Stats almost identical to Horn), and Michael Bennett (He just rolled out from under the knife so don’t expect him to touting the rock anytime soon).


You might want to make a move to cover your bye week but that is 4 weeks away and this trade out right stinks. You are basically swapping your Andre Johnson for his Joe Horn and you are giving him a stud WR in Roy and a upside RB in Bennett for what…Barlow? This trade is seriously weighted in his favor.


I would recommend holding out and if necessary you can drop your extra TE to pick up a bye week filler.





Hey pal,

McNabb has to take a bye this week *scoff* so I’m forced with
trying to fill his shoes. Who would you take?

B. Roethlisberger (Pit – QB) VS Cleveland in Pittsburgh or J. Plummer (Den – QB) VS Carolina in Denver

Any input you could offer would be ace.


Corey D:


It hurts when you lose a player like McNabb for a week but at least you will get some sort of relief from Big Ben or Plummer. I like Ben over Jake this week though.


Both Carolina and Cleveland have decent pass defenses but Carolina’s rush defense is horrible so its safe to say that Denver’s offensive scheme will focus on the rushing attack and not on Plummer’s arm.


Ben may not be flashy but he is consistent and has been an ace in the fourth quarter.





Why does Kevan Barlow suck so much?  What should I do with him?


Corey D:


“Its hard to fly like an eagle when your surrounded by turkeys”.


Barlow isn’t a bad RB, the problem is that offensive line and a total absent passing attack. Defenses are going to stack 8 in the box and stuff Barlow till Little Timmy gets it together. Hold on to him for now but realize that he is nothing more then a bye week filler.





2 questions for week 5:

Steve McNair or Michael Vick and I need 3 RBs from Kevan Barlow, Amos Zereoue, Quentin Griffin, and Artose Pinner.


Corey D:


Tough call at the QB position. McNair has got some obvious injury concerns but then again when doesn’t he. Vick has been struggling of late and his WR crew hasn’t decided to show up (i.e. Peerless Price).


Both teams face weak pass defenses with Vick facing the weaker of the two, Detroit. Detroit gives up almost 300 yards a game passing but his lack of a solid receiver and Detroit’s solid rush defense and speedy linebacker should bother you. If he has no one to throw to he will have to try to out run them. For those reasons and a few others I like the wounded warrior McNair here.


He is facing a GB defense that is struggling and to make matters worse he they just traded CB Mike McKenzie. GB is already giving up 249 yards a game through the air and has allowed a league leading 9 passing TDs. McNair should be able to hit up GB for a few more.


At RB you are looking a little weak except for Little Q. Griffin. Griffin is a start and Barlow could have a good game against Arizona. I wouldn’t expect much as the Zona boys are coming off a big victory last week and will be pumped to take out some aggression on this wounded bully (Last time they met SF stomped em 50 – 14). Pinner is your best #3 back with a fair match up but once again don’t expect much. Atlanta has a tough rush defense but Pinner will get you some solid points.


Note: Andrew…I just found out about Griffin’s ankle injury, which may hold him out of the line up on Sunday. Keep an eye on his status and if he is a no-go then obviously you will have to go with Famous Amos.

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