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Quarterback Carousel – You are our starting QB, ERR … Our Franchise QB.

How many people thought shipping Donovan McNabb off was a good idea in Philadelphia? The answer is very simple – not very many. His replacement was supposed to be Kevin Kolb. The fans in the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ were not all that excited about that, but as a media spin it was a nice play.

Would they have been even angrier knowing that McNabb got shipped for Michael Vick? Who knows? Either way, the Philadelphia Eagles organization is the winner. They have pulled off the most elaborate hoax since Fonzi jumped the shark on Happy Days.

Vick looks better than ever. He finally has some touch on the passing game. Prior to this year he was the most mobile quarterback around, but you’d get very little in the passing game. I didn’t believe he would be back after being traded to the Leavenworth, Kan. facility.

I believe in second chances and grabbed Vick after Kolb was concussed. I had to drop Vince Young to get him but ultimately the move is as solid as they come if Vick retains the job and remains healthy. I don’t think we will see much of Kolb unless the Eagles have the game in hand. Andy Reid sure has been vague about the whole situation. Kolb … err … I mean Vick is our guy. Kolb is the franchise quarterback. That means when Vick’s contract is up will they resign him?

I understand no one wants any hard feelings, but this is on the ridiculous side.

Here’s a dialog between Kevin Kolb and his wife, Whitney as I imagine it.

Whitney: I’m rooting for you this week baby!

Kevin: Well, coach says I’m not starting.

Whitney: Oh, yeah the concussion … I almost forgot. I bet it’s precautionary.

Kevin: Yeah, I’m the franchise quarterback. They don’t want anything to happen to me.

Whitney: People here in town are starting to talk about some things, Kevin.

Kevin: What are they saying?

Whitney: It’s awful. They are saying that you lost your job to that dog killer.

Kevin: Coach told me this is like an audition for Vick. I’m the franchise quarterback.

Whitney: An audition for what? So you can carry a clipboard? Get in there and fight for it.

Kevin: I have tried but Vick is too fast. I can’t catch him. I tried to throw a ball at him but I couldn’t hit the mark.

Whitney: Sounds a lot like when you are home.

Kevin: Coach said I get to talk to the offensive coordinator during the game using a special handset. I’m so pumped. It’s like the bat phone.

Whitney: Maybe he will let you choose the Gatorade flavors this week too. I’m excited.

Kevin: They are grooming me to be the best.

Whitney: You are going to be well groomed wearing that cap on the sidelines.

Kevin: I have to get to bed. The franchise quarterback needs his rest.

Whitney: Yeah, drawing on that clipboard takes a lot out of you. We are rooting for No. 7 here at home.

Kevin: Wait that’s Vick’s number.

Whitney: Err … I mean No. 4.

All Kidding Aside….

The carousel keeps spinning in Philadelphia. It’s about to stop leaving America’s most hated at the helm. I anticipated having to make another waiver wire move last night. I was pleasantly surprised. This article was an elaborate hoax as I never had any evidence to support that Vick sent McNabb packing.

Despite the media spin, Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win games. I’ll be watching him this week take on the 29th-ranked Jacksonville defense which is giving up 420 yards per game (300 yards passing, 120 yards rushing). The Jaguars are also allowing 27.5 points per game.

Thanks for the read folks! I’ll be relaxing at a pee wee football field somewhere in suburbia watching my favorite No. 7, Kyle, while tuning into NFL Sunday Ticket on my Blackberry and watching the other No. 7, Vick, score against a poor defense. All this fun while the “franchise” sits on the pine.

I’d like to start referring to Kolb as the “backup” in case the “starter” goes down or gets arrested.

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