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QUICK NOTES: Review of Thanksgiving games

The three games played on Thanksgiving were ehhhh, ok. The first game played between the Vikings and Lions was very slow moving with little to no explosive plays at all. The second game was pretty entertaining because of all the characters in it, and all the points that ended up being scored after the game was decided. The last game was just plain bad. It was like the Steelers were just toying with the Colts all game. If the Steelers wanted to drop 50 points on the Colts they could have, but instead they decided to bleed the clock out with Bell and take an easy victory back home to Heinz field.

Now that I got that out of the way, I am going to get into detail on what I observed with all 6 teams that played on turkey day. Most things I will list will be fantasy related; other things I will note will just be me being mad as a Vikings fan!!!

– Vikings vs. Lions Game Notes

– Vikings

– This team has had trouble closing out games ever since they came back from their bye week. They should have won at least one game out of the Redskins game, and two Lions games. Instead, they were left with zero wins out of those 3 games.

– The Vikings have a pick your poison situation going on. They can either keep throwing passes that barely pass 4 yards down the field, or stretch out the field and make Sam Bradford take a beating in the pocket. Either way, this will limit the Vikings offense in games.

Stefon Diggs is the only player on this offense that you can trust on a weekly basis in your fantasy lineups. He would have had a monster game in the slot verse the Lions.

Kyle Rudolph is a great fantasy option when the Vikings make an effort to get him the ball. However, with Pat Shurmur as the new OC, his targets have been sporadic. Rudolph was targeted heavily yesterday, but the reason for that was because Stefon Diggs wasn’t playing

– The Vikings run game is a joke


– I’ts starting to look like there will be minimum value for pass catchers in the Lions offense. Stafford likes to spread the ball around a lot and you just don’t know who will have a big game anymore.

– Was Eric Ebron even playing??

– Matt Stafford is a great real life QB, but a so-so fantasy football QB.

– The Lions play at a slower pace than the Dallas Cowboys

– The Lions like to slow down the game, and having long possessions really limits the statistical upside for their offense. Not only does it limit their offense, it also limits the statistical upside for the offense they are playing against as well.

– Every game the Lions won this year they trailed in the 4th quarter. Sick!!!!


– Redskins vs. Cowboys

– Redskins

– In the words of Teddy KGB…. GIVE THAT MAN HIS MONEY! Kirk Cousins is awesome!

– As expected, Fat Rob Kelly is a game-script RB with no fantasy upside if his team is trailing.

– If Jordan Reed is forced to miss any time make sure you pick up Vernon Davis off your waiver wire

DeSean Jackson loves abusing the Cowboys. He has been doing it for his entire career.

– The Redskins defense did not come to play Thursday afternoon. They were steamrolled by the Cowboys O-Line. Zeke Elliott had craters to run through yesterday.

– Cowboys

Dez Bryant could have caught a deep touchdown pass if Dak saw him wide open down the middle of the field.

– Who do you think deserves MVP more. Zeke or Dak?

Jason Witten had a very quiet game. This surprised me because the Redskins have major trouble covering the TE position.

– The Cowboys need to get their secondary healthy before the playoffs start. If their secondary isn’t healthy then they can get bounced. This is now the second game in three weeks where they were exposed badly (the other game being against the Steelers).

– This Dallas offense going up against the Vikings next week will be fun to watch.


– Steelers vs. Colts

– Steelers

– Le’Veon Bell is an alien.

Antonio Brown is an alien as well.

– Can the Steelers win the Super Bowl by just outscoring everybody they play?

– Big Ben has some major home and away splits. However, you would have never noticed it last night because of how pathetic the Colts defense actually is.

– If Andrew Luck had played on Thursday, the Steelers would have scored over 40 points. Gameflow issue and the score line in the first half was the only reason why the Steelers only scored 28 points for the game.

– The Steelers defense is still a liability. They were just fortunate to go up against the Browns and the Colts without Luck for their last 2 games.

– Imagine if Martavis Bryant was playing this season? I don’t even want to know how easy it would have been for the Steelers to put up points.

– Colts

– Without Andrew Luck this team is very limited on offense for fantasy purposes and real life purposes

Scott Tolzien played pretty well last night. He was very unfortunate to just lead his team to 7 points. What impressed me also was how he threw the ball with great zip down the field.

T.Y. Hilton dropped a deep TD pass that could have changed the game and gaven the Colts some extra momentum going into the late stages of the game

Donte Moncrief in the red zone is an automatic TD.

Frank Gore had his worst game of the season last night. I wouldn’t put to much stock into this however. When Luck comes back into the line up he will be once again a low-end RB1/high-end RB2

– Who will win the AFC South? lol

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