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QUICK THOUGHTS: Preseason Week 3

Week 3 of the preseason is easily the most important preseason week due to the fact that starters usually get the most playing time. With that in mind, we get the closest taste to regular season football that you can get prior to Week 1. What does that mean for us fantasy owners? We watch and see how depth charts and playing situations are unfolded during these games. What should we take notice of after these “final rehearsal” games of the preseason? Let’s Dive In!


Arian Foster will be “the guy” to start the season with the Dolphins at RB

We all were a little hesitant as we knew he was coming off another injury-riddled season and is getting older. Maybe you should still be, but he is going to see the bulk of the carries and touches down in Miami. Adam Gase has always found success in the run game during his last two offensive coordinator stints in Denver and Chicago, especially a dual-threat back. A few years ago, nobody was a better dual-threat back than Arian Foster. Can he give us one more decent fantasy season?


Dak Prescott will start the year at QB for Dallas

Tony Romo’s back is in a bad situation and Dak Prescott will be the starter for at least the first month of the season. My Dak Prescott “man crush” continues here. He starts the year off with a questionable secondary against the Giants in Week 1, tougher secondary in Week 2 against the Redskins, and weak secondaries the next two games against the Bears and 49ers. He is a rookie, so he will have growing pains. Maybe by Week 3 or Week 4 he could be a decent matchup play.


The Redskins offense looked good against the Bills

The Redskins’ starting offense unit shined against the Bills this past weekend. The real question was if the success was due to the offense, or because of the poor defense. You can be the judge of that. I will say that Robert Kelley looks to be the #2 running back on the depth chart behind Matt Jones. Jones is having some issues with his knee and we are unsure of his timetable. Kelley is a worthy late-round flier in this Redskins offense?


The Jameis Winston to Mike Evans connection looked unstoppable…..against the Browns.

Jameis Winston looked exceptional against the Browns. The Winston to Evans completions were a thing of beauty up and down the field. Was this just a good matchup against an iffy Browns’ secondary? Winston looked like he had complete control of the offense and was sharp. Mike Evans was crisp in his routes and showed good vision of the field. I think this duo might break out this season as a premier young duo.


Andrew Luck looked good, but the Offensive Line did not

When Andrew Luck wasn’t getting smashed by the opposing defenders, he was extremely efficient. He looked the Luck of old that we were in love with as a young star in the NFL. They need to figure out that offensive line situation to give this offense and team it’s best chance at success. Moncrief and Hilton looked poised to have a very solid season.


Will the success of the Titans offense during the preseason move to the regular season?

I have been surprised by the success of the Titans’ starting offense this preseason. It looks to be explosive with a pounding run game and a lethal passing game fueled by an athletic quarterback. The question will be if they can translate this success into the regular season? Can DeMarco Murray return to his 2014 dominating self? Can Marcus Mariota take the next step in development? Will this weak wide receiver group hold up all season? There are lots of question marks, we will see.


Concern about Carson Palmer and the Passing Offense

I’m a little concerned about the Arizona offense heading into the regular season. They have looked sluggish and old. Too many stalled out drives and turnovers have derailed this offense. Could the ages of their key offensive positions in the passing game become an issue? Was the Carson Palmer of last year a fluke? Is Larry Fitzgerald at the end of his career?  You better believe that Bill Belichick has been watching and will want to keep them sluggish Week 1 on Sunday night.


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