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Randy Moss…You are who we thought you were!

How does Ronnie Brown rush for 4 touchdowns against the New England defense? That is just insane. New England was probably the #1 defensive play this weekend. After losing to the Dolphins 38-13, I’ve decided that Tom Brady should be the MVP this season. You heard me, he’s finished the season 7-of-11 for 76 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions and a QB rating of 83.9, but should be MVP. If an MVP is judged by the effect he has on his team then there is no doubt that Brady is worthy.

The loss of Brady has had two huge effects on the Patriots. The first is that it has turned Randy Moss into the Oakland Raider version of Randy Moss. Apparently, Moss only feels like putting forth an effort if he has a Pro Bowl type QB throwing him the ball. Only once in the 8 seasons that Moss has had either Daunte Culpepper or Tom Brady at quarterback has he caught less than 10 touchdowns. Yet, during his two years in Oakland he caught only 8 and 3 touchdowns during the 2005-6 seasons. Secondly, this is based on a sample size of one game, but, it appears that the defense has just realized that Brady is out for the season and has decided to pull a Randy Moss and just phone it in. How else can you explain Ronnie Brown rushing for 4 touchdowns and throwing for another? At least the Patriots have their 18-1 rings and this nifty banner to help them remember the good times.

While we’re on the topic of the Patriots, do you remember that sweet lookin’ hottie back in high school who dated the captain of the football team and didn’t even know that you existed? I’m sure you do. Then all of a sudden at the 20-year reunion there she is, 35 pounds heavier with beautiful leathery skin, the kind only thousands of hours in the sun can produce and she’s all over you because her ex-husband is back living in his parents’ basement while they share custody of their four children.

Well, that’s how I feel now. Except, instead of it being the hot chick from high school it’s Matt Cassel. I didn’t draft Brady in any of my drafts this year because I just couldn’t convince myself to pull the trigger in the first round. Then I was able to get Cassel off the free agent pile for minimal FAAB. I thought it was a solid pickup, but now I’m feeling like the guy at the 20-year reunion. I should have just stayed away, at least then I’d still have my illusion of how things might have been.

Le’Ron McClain had 66 yards and two touchdowns on 17 carries. McGahee had 64 yards on 15 carries and Ray Rice toted the ball five times. It appears that McClain is gaining favor in what is now a crowded backfield. He’s worth picking up because he does have value, as evidenced today and should McGahee have to miss more time there is some nice upside.

Derek Anderson was 14-of-37 with three interceptions, it’s time to stash Brady Quinn. Hold on a second…darn. Just went to check if Quinn was available in a Yahoo league that I’m in…he was gone. Hopefully it’s not too late for you, if you have some room, stash him.

Brian Griese threw for 407 yards and two touchdowns against the Bears. Feel free to start Donovan McNabb against the Bears next Sunday night?

Will he or won’t he? Those 77 yards were good for 7 fantasy points, thanks AP.

Will he or won’t he? Those 42 yards were good for 4 fantasy points, thanks DMC.

Larry Johnson I freakin’ hate you! I played you during week 1, figuring that you should be good for at least 70 and a score, you give me 74 and no score. You can’t get it done inside the 5, I ain’t happy, but it’s the Pats, they’re tough. Yet, this week I watch Ronnie Brown torch the Pats defense for 5, count them Larry, 5 touchdowns. O.K., no problem, you’ve owned the Raiders, right? So, I start you in week 2. What do you give me? 22 yards, damn you, LJ! So, this week I sit you and you go off for 121 yards and a score. Tell me, LJ, what did I ever do to you?

Michael Turner scored 3 touchdowns against the Chiefs. That gives him 5 on the season. Sell high, now!

Brian Westbrook hurt his ankle. It’s not broken, but an MRI will be taken on Monday. Grab Correll Buckhalter.

Peyton Manning threw 2 interceptions against Jacksonville on Sunday. He also threw 2 interceptions against the Vikings last week. This is the first time that he’s thrown 2 or more interceptions in back-to-back games since 2002. You may want to consider shopping him.

Thanks to all the folks who sent in e-mails on Saturday night, I had a great time.

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