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Ranking the Contenders

The Colts won their 12th game in their pursuit of perfection. But with 24 seconds left in the second quarter and the Colts with a 14-3 lead, Manning knelt down and handed the ball to the referee and walked away then quickly reversed direction to get the ball back in attempt to run another play and catch the Titans with two many men on the field. There are two words that describe this play, bush league. This is supposed to be the league’s best team, with the league’s best player and he is resorting to gimmicks like this in a game that are already easily in control in. Jeff Fisher is correct in being irritated, and because it was Peyton Manning, the league’s golden boy, he will never take the criticism it deserves. And unfortunately this isn’t the first time he and the Colts have run ploys like this. The Colts have a chance to make history and win a Championship along they way, they should start acting like champions rather than like kids in a pickup game.


Well that’s my rant for the week. On the good side of things Seattle looks like a real contender and Kansas City is quickly becoming one. The Viking are making things interesting as the Falcons and Cowboys  gave up their lead over them in the playoff race and are all tied up at 7-5.  Oh, and the Bears just keep winning with defense. Don’t count them out folks, they look like they can stop anyone and I’m including the AFC teams as well.


1.      Indianapolis Colts 12-0 (1):  12 wins and counting……


2.      Seattle Seahawks 9-2 (3): The Seahawks destruction of the Eagles on Monday night showed that they were more than just Shaun Alexander, they play great defense to.


3.      Chicago Bears 9-3 (4): Does anyone else really want to know what this Bear defense could do against the Colts?


4.      Cincinnati Bengals 9-3 (6): The Bengals finally beat the Steelers on their way to the franchise’s first winning season since 1990.


5.      Denver Broncos 9-3 (2):  The old Jake Plummer has shown up in Denver, and that will be trouble if he chooses to stay.


6.      Carolina Panthers 9-3 (5):  The Panthers finally figured out how to stop Vick, and a win versus Tampa Bay this week means the division is likely theirs.


7.      San Diego Chargers 8-4 (7): The Chargers are very good, but they can’t afford to overlook Miami and look to next week versus Indy, because the mistakes that cost them games early in the season will come back.


8.      Jacksonville Jaguars 9-3 (11): David Garrard looked good versus Cleveland and could have been better if not for two dropped TD passes.


9.      NY Giants 8-4 (9):  Tiki Barber doesn’t get enough credit as there are not five better running backs in football than him.


10.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-4 (12):  The defense is playing well, and Carnell Williams looks to be back in his early season form, but Chris Simms has to play better.


11.  Kansas City Chiefs 8-4 (14):  Priest who???? Larry Johnson may lead the Chiefs to something most though was impossible a few weeks ago……the playoffs.


12.  Minnesota Vikings 7-5 (15):  The Vikings are in the playoff race as they are playing their best football behind Brad Johnson


13.  New England Patriots 7-5 (16):  I know it was the Jets, but the Pats defense played their best football all season.


14.  Atlanta Falcons 7-5 (13):  The Falcons and Vick are struggling at the wrong time. This weeks game versus New Orleans is a must win for any shot at the post season.


15.  Dallas Cowboys 7-5 (8):  Bledsoe is struggling and so are the Cowboys. Unfortunately for them, the surging Chiefs are coming to town.


16.  Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5 (10):  The Steelers could be in danger of losing their forth straight game as Chicago comes to town, and that will seriously hurt any playoff hopes.


17.  Washington Redskins 6-6 (19):  The Skins are supposed to win a game against an opponent starting an Ivy league QB making his first start.


18.  Miami Dolphins 5-7 (21):  The Dolphins are 2-0 since Nick Saban said winning wasn’t important. Hopefully he still fells that way as they head to San Diego.


19.  Cleveland Browns 4-8 (23):  At least they go out and play hard each week, which can’t be said about some other teams.


20.  St. Louis Rams 5-7 (17):  It would be nice to see Ryan Fitzpatrick rebound this week, because it looked like it could become another great Ram QB Cinderella story.


21.  Philadelphia Eagles 5-7 (18):  It’s been a long long time since Philly got beat like that. And to further bury the knife, Westbrook was lost for the season.


22.  Oakland Raiders 4-8 (20): Looks like the Kerry Collins era will come to a close in Oakland.


23.  Arizona Cardinals 4-8 (25): Kurt Warner is assuring himself he’ll be starting somewhere next year, but the Cards need to find somewhat of a running game.


24.  Buffalo Bills 4-8 (22):  JP Losman showed some of the talent that made him a first round pick, but the Bills defense ruined his first good start giving up 3 4th quarter TDs.


25.  Baltimore Ravens 4-8 (25): Jamal Lewis toyed with us for a week and flopped against the Texans. He’ll likely be following Billick out the door.


26.  New Orleans Saints 3-8 (26): I keep hearing about the NFL starting an incentive program for players to play with the Saints next year. What will they give to fans to actually watch this team?


27.  Tennessee Titans 3-9 (27): I agree with Jeff Fisher, Peyton Manning trying to run another play after handing the ball to the ref is bush league.


28.  Green Bay Packers 2-10 (28): People are crazy to think Brett Favre will sit even for a play regardless of how bad this team is.


29.  San Francisco 49ers 2-10 (30):  They need a lot of work and it will be awhile before Alex Smith can be judged fairly.


30.  Houston Texans 1-11 (32): The Texans almost won another game before realizing that the Jets where on their tail for the number one pick.


31.  NY Jets 2-10 (31):  Despite not having the worst record, they really are worse than the Texans.


32.  Detroit Lions 4-8 (24):  The franchise hit a new low and deserves to be at the bottom after they booted a kid from the game because he had a sign that said “Fire Matt Millen”.  Every fan in Detroit should stand outside the stadium with one in two weeks and not go into the game.


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