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Ranking The Contenders

The Indianapolis Colts drop their second straight game, and who can blame them. With the 1st seed locked up in the AFC and dealing with the personal tragedy of the death of Tony Dungy’s son, they had neither the need nor motivation to play this game.  But it can’t be overlooked that the Seattle Seahawks came to play, played well and won.  We may very well see both of these teams in the Super Bowl, and both will show up with its best. Right now it is all speculation in regards to who really is the best.  A few other teams probably feel they deserve to be in the conversation as well. But that’s why we play the games. With one week left, only a few teams have meaningful games. Then the fun starts and anything can happen.



1.           Seattle Seahawks (13-2):  I know the Seahawks didn’t get the Colts full effort and attention, but it is hard to penalize the Seahawks for that after they showed up to play.


2.           Indianapolis Colts (13-2): You can’t blame the Colts for not being focused on football on Sunday; it has been a tough week.


3.           Denver Broncos (12-3):  The Bronco’s are undefeated at home which helped them earn the two seed. A week off and a home playoff game in the second round will make an upset in Denver unlikely.


4.           New England Patriots (10-5):  The defense continues to role and the Patriots continue to dominate, but is the secondary good enough to stop a real offense?


5.           Pittsburgh Steelers (10-5):  With 200 yard rushing games and a shut down defense, they look very much like last years 15-1 team.


6.           Chicago Bears (11-3):  Rex Grossman gives the Bears a much needed passing game. He won’t be fooled with Peyton Manning, but he can make enough plays to help the defense make the Bears a legitimate threat for the Super Bowl.


7.           Jacksonville Jaguars (11-4): Another uninspiring performance against a weak opponent. They won, but they needed a 2nd half comeback to beat the leagues worst team.  They need to step it up for the playoffs.


8.           Cincinnati Bengals (11-4): After Chad Johnson gave away Christmas presents to the crowd, the rest of the Bengals helped give away a chance at a first round bye. 


9.           Washington Redskins (9-6): The Redskins look like a team ready for the playoffs, and much is because Clinton Portis looks like the back he was in Denver.


10.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-5): The offense bounced back after being shut down by the Patriots a week before. A win versus the Saints, the Bucs will lock up the division.


11.       NY Giants (10-5): Their 3-4 record on the road speaks loudly of the unlikelihood of the Giants going deep in the playoffs.


12.       Carolina Panthers (10-5):  The home loss to the Cowboys may not only of cost them the division, but now a playoff spot is not a certainty.


13.       Kansas City Chiefs (9-6): Sunday versus the Bengals could be Dick Vermeil’s last hurrah. The Chiefs need to win and the Steelers to lose to Detroit to get a playoff spot,  and that’s long shot.


14.       Dallas Cowboys (9-6):  Depending on how things work out during the day games next Sunday, the Cowboys match up versus the Rams could mean a playoff spot is on the line.


15.       San Diego Chargers (9-6):  Some will say they are an unlikely team, but great teams make their own luck. After beating Indy, they where flat against the Chiefs, sealing their post season fate.



16.       Atlanta Falcons (8-7): They now play the role of spoiler after being eliminated from the playoffs.  They can help knock out the Panthers.


17.       Minnesota Vikings (8-7):  Mike Tice ended the new trend of coaches going for it. He punted his teams playoff chances away on 4th down in Ravens territory instead of going for it.


18.       Miami Dolphins (8-7):  The Dolphins won their 5th in a row, but number six and a shot at a winning season will have to be earned in the icy confines of Gillett Stadium.


19.       Baltimore Ravens (6-9):  Kyle Boller has not only saved his job, but maybe his coaches job as well. His play the last two weeks gives them a lot of hope for next season.


20.       Philadelphia Eagles (6-9): Nothing would make the Eagles happier than keeping the Redskins out of the playoffs too.


21.       Arizona Cardinals (5-10):  The Cardinals gave the fans at Sun Devil Stadium one final win before heading to their new home. Oh the found memories……..


22.       Buffalo Bills (5-10):  Wins like the one they had on Sunday will carry over to next season. Players still around will remember who was at QB, which does not bode well for JP Loseman.


23.       Cleveland Browns (5-10):  It took 16 weeks for the Browns lack of talent to show up in the form of a one sided loss. They have showed a lot of heart all year.


24.       Detroit Lions (5-10): With the Super Bowl coming to Detroit, the Fords will get a close up view of what a Championship team looks like. For the sake of their fans, hopefully the learn something.


25.       Tennessee Titans (4-11):  Will Steve McNair return next season? He got hurt yet again and the Titans are a few years away from being competitive again.


26.       Oakland Raiders (4-11):  The Raiders showed that no matter how much talent you add to an offense, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a QB to go with them.


27.       St Louis Rams (5-10):  The Rams need a makeover from the top down. This team has no heart or leadership and that shows as they lost consecutive home games to bad teams.


28.       San Francisco 49er’s (3-12):  Gutsy win for the 49ers, and maybe RB isn’t their biggest need in the draft.


29.       New York Jets (3-12):  Reggie Bush is on the radar screen with yet another loss, but QB is this team’s biggest need.


30.       New Orleans Saints (3-12):  If Jim Haslett doesn’t return as coach, will anyone else want the job?


31.       Green Bay Packers (3-12):  After another 4 INT performance by Favre, it may be best for all parties that he walks off into the sunset.


32.       Houston Texans (2-13):  The Texans are so adept t letting down their fans; they may actually win and lose out on the chance to draft Reggie Bush.


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