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Ranking the Contenders

For those of you that broke a cardinal fantasy football rule and used an early 1st round pick on Peyton Manning you probably find little solace in the fact that the Colts are 2-0 and atop of this week’s power rankings.  Manning hasn’t had great fantasy games, but it doesn’t matter. Last year it was all about the numbers, this year it’s all about winning. They have won 2 weeks in a row by winning the physical battles, something that this team hasn’t done in the past. Manning and the offense will come around but a game like Sundays made a statement to the NFL that the Colts won’t be pushed around.


And speaking of top fantasy QBs gone bad, well Cinderella lost her shoe and the coach turned into a big pumpkin in Minnesota. Of course Moss being traded hurt this offense, but it shouldn’t be this bad. Culpepper is just playing poorly and catching some bad luck with some tipped balls. Luckily for the Vikings it won’t take much to turn things around as this years NFC North looks very much like last years NFC West….inept.


San Fran and Detroit came back to reality after week 1 wins.  The 49ers got destroyed by old friend Terrell Owens. If Derrick Smith and teammates where motivated to stop him, what would the score have been like if they were not? Detroit would love to have San Francisco problems; they actually have a talented backup QB to turn too. And as it is in the NFL, this week’s power rankings where decided highly by the play of each teams Q’s.


1.      Indianapolis Colts 2-0 (2) After two tough games, the schedule gets much easier the next 5 games before they get 2 weeks to prepare for New England

2.      Pittsburgh Steelers 2-0 (4) They have actually played the best football of any team, but now they play 5 straight against potential playoff teams.

3.      Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 (6) McNabb and company erased all concerns against San Fran and showed that they still are the class of the NFC.

4.      New England Patriots 1-1 (1) There are issues with the running game and now in the secondary. Bouncing back against Pitt will be tough, but no team has been more resilient the past 4 years.

5.      Kansas City Chiefs 2-0 (5) The defense stopped a team when they had to, and it has been awhile since you could say that.

6.      Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0 (7) Buffalo is a very good defense, but no one told that to Carnell Williams who ran right over them.

7.      Cincinnati Bengals 2-0 (8) It’s taken 13 years, 3 top 5 draft picks  and ½ dozen or so free agent QBs, but they finally replaced Boomer Esiason

8.      NY Giants 2-0 (10) Who would of thought, Eli has been the better Manning fantasy QB

9.      Carolina Panthers 1-1 (17) It was as close to a must win game in September for the Panthers, being 0-2 at home is a tough hole to climb out of. But the Panthers got it done against the Champs.

10.  Atlanta Falcons 1-1 (3) Big win at home vs. Eagles, tough loss on road vs. Seahawks. But until Vick is consistent in the passing game the Falcons will be inconsistent.

11.  Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1 (9)  If they don’t protect Leftwich better than this, he’ll spend the 2nd half of this season at less than full strength like last year.

12.  Washington Redskins 2-0 (19)  When your defense plays as well as they do, 4 minutes of offense each week may be all they need.

13.  Dallas Cowboys 1-1 (12) There nothing that can be said to make the Cowboys feel better about being torn apart by Mark Brunell in the last 4 minutes.

14.  San Diego Chargers 0-2 (11) Does anyone else think that for a guy that is suppose to be the best running back in football, Ladanian Tomlinson is really inconsistent in the running game?

15.  Seattle Seahawks 1-1 (24) On the other hand, is there a more consistent runner in football than Shaun Alexander right now?

16.  Buffalo Bills 1-1 (13) With a top 5 defense and a top 5 running back, how long can they stick with Losman?

17.  Denver Bronco’s 1-1 (27) I hope fans in Denver don’t get sea sick because it looks like it could be an up and down year for the Bronco’s.

18.  NY Jets 1-1 (31) Pennington held onto the ball this week and where able to grab a win at home. The Jets still don’t look right and we’ll find out a lot about this team against a very tough schedule.

19.  New Orleans Saints 1-1 (16) Having their home opener on your opponent’s field just isn’t fair regardless of what is painted in the end zone.

20.  St Louis Rams 1-1 (26) Splitting back to back road games even against San Fran and Arizona is an improvement for this team.

21.  Oakland Raiders 0-2 (21) They need to do more than a weekly big play to Moss. The defense has issues, but it was against 2 very good offenses.

22.  Tennessee Titans 1-1 (25) Baltimore’s offense is bad, and Tennessee stopped it after it got pushed around by Pitt. St Louis will be a good gage on where the Titans stand.

23.  Baltimore Ravens 0-2 (14) Usually prison time toughens up a person, apparently Jamal Lewis bunked with Martha Stewart.

24.  Miami Dolphins 1-1 (15) Nick Saban is doing a great job, they won’t win much but they won’t be easy to beat either.

25.  Chicago Bears 1-1 (22) Their defense is very good, so good they could punt every time they are on offense and they still might win the pathetic NFC North.

26.  Detroit Lions 1-1 (18) Well the receivers are all healthy and Harrington still isn’t very good. Loyal Lion fans deserve better.

27.  Minnesota Vikings 0-2 (20) Losing Randy Moss hurts, but not this much. The offense should be better and where is the improved defense. Mike Tice can start packing.

28.  San Francisco 49ers 1-1 (23) So San Fran is a better team without Terrell Owens, we’ll know they know playing against him doesn’t help either.

29.  Cleveland Browns 1-1 (30) Cleveland fans should be excited. Even though the Browns don’t have a ton of talent, they will be ready to play each week.

30.  Arizona Cardinals 0-2 (28) Until they start running the ball decently they won’t get the best out of Kurt Warner

31.  Green Bay Packers 0-2 (32) Green Bay has a lot of holes, Favre is talking about retirement again and the schedule gets worse with Tampa and Carolina next.

32.  Houston Texans 0-2 (29) David Carr is a religious man, and he had to be to survive getting sacked 8 times on Sunday.


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