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RANKINGS: Dynasty League Rookies

This is our current list of rookies and our player ranking for your upcoming dynasty league rookie drafts. We list them in projected career order but also weight positions by overall position scarcity. For example, while we actually have Joe Burrow as our No. 1 overall rookie player, Clyde Edwards-Helaire is higher because he’s a fantasy scarcer running back. Quarterback depth has been deep in the NFL lately and is expected to continue that way, as a result, it isn’t a position of priority; unless it’s Joe Burrow, who has the makeup of a great one.

Rank Last First Pos Team
1 Edwards-Helaire Clyde RB KCC
2 Burrow Joe QB CIN
3 Swift D’Andre RB DET
4 Dobbins J.K. RB BAL
5 Jeudy Jerry WR DEN
6 Vaughn Ke’Shawn RB TBB
7 Bowden Lynn RB LVR
8 Ruggs Henry WR LVR
9 Akers Cam RB LAR
10 Lamb CeeDee WR DAL
11 Jefferson Justin WR MIN
11 Dillon A.J. RB GBP
12 Evans Darrynton RB TEN
13 Kmet Cole TE CHI
14 Aiyuk Brandon WR SFO
15 Higgins Tee WR CIN
16 Asiasi Devin TE NEP
17 Taylor Jonathan RB IND
18 Hamler KJ WR DEN
19 Pittman Jr. Michael WR IND
20 Perine Lamical RB NYJ
21 Kelley Joshua RB LAC
22 Moss Zack RB BUF
23 Gibson Antonio RB WAS
24 Calais Raymond RB TBB
25 Benjamin Eno RB ARZ
26 McFarland Anthony RB PIT
27 Dallas DeeJay RB SEA
28 Huntley Jason RB DET
29 Patrick Jacques RB CIN
30 Jones Xavier RB LAR
31 Herbert Justin QB LAC
32 Reagor Jalen WR PHI
33 Johnson Tyler WR TBB
34 Tagovailoa Tua QB MIA
35 Mims Denzel WR NYJ
36 Rohrwasser Justin K NEP
36 Keene Dalton TE NEP
37 Jefferson Van WR LAR
38 Reed Joe WR LAC
39 Deguara Josiah TE GBP
40 Claypool Chase WR PIT
41 Love Jordan QB GBP
41 Stevens Tommy QB NOS
41 Shenault Laviska WR JAC
42 Duvernay Devin WR BAL
43 Osborn K.J. WR MIN
44 Swain Freddie WR SEA
45 Hightower John WR PHI
46 Davis Gabriel WR BUF
47 Edwards Bryan WR LVR
48 Woerner Charlie TE SFO
49 Trautman Adam TE NOS
50 Hopkins Brycen TE LAR
51 Bryant Harrison TE CLE
52 Perkins Bryce QB LAR
53 Ta’amu Jordan QB KCC
54 Stanley Nate QB MIN
55 Morgan James QB NYJ
56 McDonald Cole QB TEN
57 Luton Jake QB JAC
58 Lewerke Brian QB NEP
59 Hurts Jalen QB PHI
60 Gordon Anthony QB SEA
61 Eason Jacob QB IND

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