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RapidDraft: A Must Play Fantasy Game For All

If there is one trait that every fantasy player shares, it’s the desire to prove that he/she is better than the next guy/gal.  Not only do we want to prove that we are better than the next guy, we want to prove that we’re just as smart, if not smarter than the so called ‘experts’.  Well now is your chance.  If you’ve got $4.99 (through the end of May, $9.99 starting June 1) and the desire to go up against some of the best fantasy football minds in the industry, then you just may get to take home $250,000.

There’s a new game in town this year and it’s called RapidDraft, located at RapidDraft.com.  RapidDraft is a 12-team, head-to-head, PPR league that really puts your ability to think fast to the test.  Unlike other high-stakes fantasy games, RapidDraft doesn’t put your fate in the hands of other players, it lays blame right at your doorstep.  That’s right hotshots, no longer can you blame your inability to win the big tournament on some newbie who drafted the hometown kicker in round seven.  Or, possibly, your excuse is that your league had tougher competition, thus lessening your chances to win.  With RapidDraft it’s you against 11 experts.  That’s right, come draft day, it’s you, and only you, in the draft room going up against 11 of the best fantasy football minds around. 

Since you’ll be drafting against 11 experts RapidDraft allows you to select where you’d like to draft.  You want Adrian Peterson?  Draft from the number one position.  Want to go stud wide receiver in the first round?  Pick a draft spot anywhere between 8 and 12.  The call is yours.

One other key component of RapidDraft is the draft time, there is none.  What I mean is, you draft when you feel like it.  You can sign up for a team and draft immediately or you can wait until the kids are in bed and then knockout a draft from anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour and a half.

Below is a list of the 11 experts that you’ll be competing against.

Fantasy Pro

Tony Holm FantasySharks.com
Mike Krueger FFToday.com
Kelly and Dan Grogan AthlonSports.com
Matt Schauf and JT SportsBuff.com
Matt Pitzer USATODAY.com
Dustin Ashby and Jesse Herron WCOFF.com
Mike Harmon FantasyFishing.com and SwollenDome.com
David Dodds and Joe Bryant FootballGuys.com
Russ Bliss FantasyFootballStarters.com
Scott Engel and Ben Ice RotoExperts.com
Ian Ritchie and Mark Deming the real guys (2009 Champion takes this spot in 2010)

If none of the names on this list ring a bell, then you better ask your mom to run an internet connection into your bedroom in the basement so that you can start doing some serious due diligence.

Each of the experts uses an avatar and our very own Tony Holm has chosen Ashlei to be the face of FantasySharks.com.



Speaking of pretty faces, RapidDraft offers a video tutorial hosted by Caitlin Morrall.  Caitlin was Miss Wisconsin USA 2007.



I mentioned earlier that RapidDraft will challenge your ability to think quick and here’s why…each team only gets 30 seconds to make a pick and that’s if you choose to draft at the slower speed of ‘Rapid’.  Should you choose to draft at ‘Warp’ speed, then you will still get 30 seconds per pick, but the 11 fantasy experts will only get 5 seconds per pick.  For the majority of us who are used to getting 90 seconds to make a selection, this is the biggest adjustment that we will make.  If you want to update your cheatsheets, you better be quick.

One drawback of the draft room is that there is no search function for players.  You can sort by player name, but the ability to quickly see if a player has been drafted is not available.  You need to switch over to another window
and search a comprehensive draft board containing the results of the entire draft.  I’m certain they’ll have this corrected once drafts get rolling.

One of the unique features of RapidDraft is the way they process free agent acquisitions.  Free agents are awarded in reverse order of the standings each week.  This is definitely an advantage for the novice player who is inexperienced in the blind bidding process that is common amongst the high-stakes game.

The playoffs are comprised of league winners and the top 40% of teams.  All League Winners automatically advance to the Championship Bracket. If a team does not win its league, it may also advance to the Championship Round by placing in the top 40% of all Grand Prize eligible teams, based on total points from Weeks 1 to 11.

The Grand Prize is $250,000, with $25,000 for 2nd place, $5,000 for 3rd, $4,000 for 4th and $3,500 for 5th.  Cash prizes are awarded down to 20th place.

One last interesting thing is the ‘Group’ option.  A FantasySharks.com group has been created to allow all teams from the FantasySharks nation to participate against each other.  There is nothing at stake but pride, but maybe Tony will be able to arrange dinner with Ashlei for the overall FantasySharks.com winner.

If you have any comments or would just like to discuss RapidDraft feel free to drop me an e-mail at thecornerofknowledge@yahoo.com.  


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