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Would You Rather Draft…Carlos Hyde or Joseph Randle?

In a Twitter request from @jjmets31, we will dive into the world of running backs looking at two players coming into a No. 1 running back role on their respective teams. Frank Gore went to a team going to make a Super Bowl run in Indianapolis, leaving Carlos Hyde looking to be the main man in the 49ers backfield. DeMarco Murray left to go to rival Philadelphia when Dallas wasn’t willing to pay-up leaving Joseph Randle to possibly take the No. 1 role.

Let’s start with some strengths and weaknesses for each player from a fantasy standpoint:

Carlos Hyde (San Francisco 49ers):

Strengths –

  • #1 option (Frank Gore) from last season left
  • 49ers offensive scheme and personnel still insist on a heavy ground game
  • Kaepernick can’t be trusted to lead an offense with his arm

Weakness –

  • Yet to prove he is a feature back in the NFL
  • Could fight for carries with Reggie Bush & Kendall Hunter


Joseph Randle (Dallas Cowboys):

Strengths –

  • #1 option (DeMarco Murray) from last season left
  • The Cowboys offensive line is still the best in the NFL

Weakness –

  • Yet to prove he is a feature back in the NFL
  • Off-field issues may keep him from reaching potential
  • Will fight for carries with Darren McFadden


The Argument for Hyde over Randle:

I think about the San Francisco 49ers’ 2015 season and it will revolve around the run game due to QB Colin Kaepernick’s lackluster play. Hyde will fit well in the pistol offense and be productive like he was at Ohio State. Hyde showed flashes of being a pounder between the tackles with the ability to wear down defense last season. He will get the red-zone touches because of his quick-hit ability and power through the hole. Frank Gore is the past and Carlos Hyde is the future!


The Argument for Randle over Hyde:

Do the Dallas Cowboys have the same offensive line that they had last year? Yes? They also added more talent for depth. I could honestly end this argument here. Randle averaged 6.7 yards per carry last season. What could he do as the #1 guy this season getting 15+ carries a game? The potential is too high to pass on! A top-10 running back in the making!


Would You Rather Draft…Decision:

Carlos Hyde (San Francisco 49ers)

A tough decision indeed, but it comes to the two players and what they bring to their team. Hyde is a north-south runner that hits the hole hard and has fresh legs to be the #1 guy in a run-based offense. Randle, believe it not, will have a lot of trouble in his depth chart battle against Darren McFadden, if McFadden can stay healthy. Dallas will go with a committee approach if they can, which will hinge on the health of McFadden and a lack of off-field issues from Randle. The Cowboys offensive line is the best in the NFL, but the offense does not have a clear–cut favorite to be the #1 back at this time. Hyde is the man in San Francisco with his ability in between the tackles where Reggie Bush will just take a few 3rd down catches and change of pace back carries. Hyde is the man inside the 20’s and in the red zone. If the 49ers expect to be able to pass, they will need to establish the run, because Kaepernick can’t create a passing offense on his own. I’m taking the pounder in a run-heavy offense over the uncertain running back depth chart in Dallas.

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