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Would You Rather Draft … Sammy Watkins or DeAndre Hopkins?

Two young receivers from Clemson University heading into their 2015 season as their teams’ No. 1 receiving option. Hopkins in Houston will be looking to make his mark as the departure of Andre Johnson makes him the “the man” for the Houston Texans. Watkins is the go-to guy in Buffalo with a new set of quarterbacks in his second year looking to make an impact every game. Who would you take when the clock is ticking in your fantasy draft?

DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans):

Strengths –

  • No. 1 guy on the Texans with limited players that can take catches from him. Only real threat is rookie Jaelen Strong.
  • Offensive-minded head coach who is getting more experience in the NFL and showed much success last season.

Weaknesses –

  • Who is the quarterback? Brian Hoyer? Ryan Mallett?
  • Arian Foster is still focal point of offense, everything runs through him.
  • Without a true No. 2 option, defenses double Hopkins.

Sammy Watkins (Buffalo Bills):

Strengths –

  • No. 1 guy on the Bills with few players who can take catches from him. Threats are Robert Woods and Percy Harvin.
  • Has more experience in the NFL and will be healthy heading into 2015. Higher overall potential than Hopkins as a player.

Weaknesses –

  • Who is the quarterback? Matt Cassell? Tyrod Taylor? E.J. Manuel?
  • LeSean McCoy will be focal point of offense.
  • Coach Rex Ryan has never really coached a great offense.

The Argument for Hopkins over Watkins:

Hopkins is in a better situation for offensive potential than Watkins. He is the true No. 1 with fewer options to take away targets. Coach Bill O’Brien has a talent for creating decent offensive production with limited talent as he did last year. O’Brien has two former New England quarterbacks that will take his system to a different level in 2015. Foster keeps getting hurt as he is getting older and Hopkins may find himself the focal point in the Houston offense!

The Argument for Watkins over Hopkins:

Watkins was drafted fourth overall for a reason – he has a higher ceiling than most receivers, including Hopkins. He makes everything look so smooth when he is on the field. Not many cornerbacks can keep him contained for all four quarters. He has more physical tools than Hopkins to beat a defense. As long as the quarterback for the Bills can get him the ball, he is going to make plays!

Would You Rather Draft Decision:

DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans):

When it really boils down to it, situation matters. Hopkins is in a better place right now to produce consistently in 2015. I will sadly take the Houston quarterback situation over the Bills quarterback situation based on who is the head coach. O’Brien will get an offense going with the talent he has available, while Ryan has never truly been able to do that. Hopkins also has fewer options to take away targets than Watkins. The Bills have an up-and-coming Woods and gadget-player  Harvin who will take away opportunities from Watkins. Hopkins could have a breakout year as the clear-cut top receiver in the Houston offense.

For the record: I would take Watkins for the long term over Hopkins, but that is not the debate at hand.

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