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Would You Rather Draft…Lamar Miller or Alfred Morris?

Lamar Miller is coming off a breakout year and his arrow is pointing up. Alfred Morris has been a consistent fantasy force since he was a rookie. If you needed to choose between the two, whom would you select?

Lamar Miller (Miami Dolphins)

Strengths –

  • All-purpose back (run and catch threat)
  • Only 24 years old and not much tread on the tires
  • Supposedly added 15 pounds of muscle this offseason to take on more workload
  • Great in the open field with speed and acceleration

Weaknesses –

  • Relies on speed too often, not vision in the hole
  • Quick to the hole, but lacks agility to lose defenders between the tackles

Alfred Morris (Washington)

Strengths –

  • Great vision and patience between the tackles
  • North/South runner, hit the hole and go kind of guy
  • “Bowling ball” with great size and strength
  • Sneaky agility in the hole and ability to shake defenders

Weaknesses –

  • Slow, won’t broke long gains very often
  • Strictly a between-the-tackles runner

The Argument for Miller over Morris

Let’s cut right to the chase, Miller is in a better situation. Miami will be competing for the AFC East crown this season while Washington crosses its fingers to touch a .500 record. Miller is on the better team, he has the better quarterback and overall offensive situation. Ryan Tannehill has more weapons around him in the passing game, which will in turn, will create more opportunities for Miller. Miami has better wide receivers which will force defenses to be more honest, which opens up lanes for the run game and check-down passes. You can’t say that about Morris; he doesn’t catch balls out of the backfield very often. Washington doesn’t even have a consistent quarterback to threaten defenses. Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins are turnover prone and the defense just stacks the box against them, which will slow down the running game. Miller is a clear-cut choice to have on your team!

The Argument for Morris over Miller

Here are some facts for you:

  • Morris has averaged 4.5 yards per carry in his career
  • In his three years in the league, he has averaged 1,320 yards and nine touchdowns per season
  • Lamar Miller did not reach the 20-carry mark in a single game last season during his breakout year, Morris did so five times last year

I want to expound on that last fact a little bit. Miller won’t touch the 200-carry mark in 2015, either. With the additions of Davante Parker, Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings and Jordan Cameron, the passing game will be the focus this upcoming season. Coach Joe Philbin got hired because of his ability to put up big numbers in the passing game like he did in Green Bay as the offensive coordinator. Morris will see at least five games of 20 carries. Washington and coach Jay Gruden want to focus on establishing the run game in 2015 and drafted an excellent run-blocking offensive lineman (Brandon Scherff) to help achieve that goal. Did I mention that Lamar Miller was riddled with injuries throughout his career at the University of Miami? Did I mention he has a new rookie backup Jay Ajayi, who may be taking carries away from him in Miami?

Would You Rather Draft Decision:

Alfred Morris (Washington)

Miami’s new additions on offense will change their offensive philosophy in 2015. You can’t look me in the eye and tell me a pass-happy offensive coordinator from Green Bay isn’t getting giddy about having so many young weapons on the outside? He is chomping at the bit to unleash Tannehill’s arm and mobility. Philbin is having dreams of a young Aaron Rodgers. Morris is on a team that is focused on establishing the run to take pressure of its lousy quarterback situation. Washington will lean on him to lead its offense into 2015 hoping that Griffin III returns to his rookie form. Alfred Morris will also see most of the red zone opportunities in Washington while Miller will have to share touches in the red zone due to Philbin’s short passing game. Go with the player whose offense is based on the running game, who will see the most carries, and who has run for more than 1,000 yards and almost double-digit touchdowns every year.

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