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Would You Rather Draft…Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz?

Tight Ends can be difficult to examine and determine who will emerge each year. I’m here to help. Kelce exploded onto the scene last year with the Chiefs and looked to be on his way to stardom. Ertz is the best receiving option over the middle for the Eagles and could be in store for a great season. Let me break this down to help you determine which tight end you should grab as you lock down a great starting lineup!

Let’s start with some Strengths and Weaknesses of each player from a Fantasy standpoint:

Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs):

Strengths –

  • 6’5″, 260 pounds and extremely athletic
  • Arguably the #1 target on the Chiefs’ team in Andy Reid’s offense
  • Best red-zone target on the team, will see the most targets within the red-zone

Weakness –

  • Chiefs are a run-based team, Kelce’s potential for very high production depends on play-action and a solid run game

Zach Ertz (Philadelphia Eagles):

Strengths –

  • 6’5″, 250 pounds and extremely athletic
  • In high-paced offense where each player’s strengths are used to move the offense finding mismatches
  • Will be the main target in the red-zone with his size and leaping ability

Weakness –

  • Potential is there but hasn’t proven that he is top tier tight end yet

Argument for Kelce over Ertz

Kelce is a stud, period. He is an animal over the middle and is the apple of Andy Reid’s eye in his passing offense. Reid knows Kelce is a mismatch all over the field and proved it last year. Kelce has had a full offseason of being healthy and heading into 2015 with Reid’s offensive prowess and game planning look for his talent to expand the Chiefs offense. The defense is stellar in Kansas City and Reid has focused on creating a more explosive offense this offseason and Kelce will be a big part of that.

Argument for Ertz over Kelce

Whose offense is more dependable week to week, the Chiefs or Eagles? I’m taking the high-powered offense that is hard to game plan against instead of a game-manager quarterback lead offense. Ertz is bound for a breakout this season with Maclin gone and the offense needing people to step-up, especially over the middle of the field. Ertz will be the red-zone target for this team and has the upside to get double-digit touchdowns this season.

Would You Rather Draft Decision:

Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs)

My friend Thomas Casale discussed Kelce’s potential in his article “Believe the Hype” and I further continued my “Fantasy Football Love Affair” with Kelce. He is bound to be a stud this season. Kelce is 1 of only 4 TEs I’m willing to take in my fantasy league drafts where I find the perfect match of production, confidence and potential (Who are those 4 TEs you ask, that answer will come soon in a later article). Take Kelce with confidence this season with his almost guaranteed production and potential to be a Top 2 tight end in the Chiefs offense.

If you have a “Would You Rather Draft” for Dan, tweet your idea to Shep_Collins and he may pick yours to debate in an upcoming article.

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