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Reality Check – Week 4

Here to differentiate fantasy from reality and fact from fiction is your Week 4 Reality Check:

Reality – The Bengals Are Unlikely To Remain A Cat-astrophy

You might want to reconsider euthanizing any underachieving

Bengal on your fantasy team. After a rough three-game stretch to start the season, the Bengals will get a chance to pull an Austin Powers and get their mojo back when they face the struggling Browns this weekend. Carson Palmer already started to get his groove back last week. Plus, can we really fault him given the hurricane-like winds he had to face Week 2 against

Tennessee? T.J. Houshmandzadeh also put an impressive game together last week against the Giants. That’s a good thing, because one more stinker and everyone would assume Chad Ocho Cinco‘s stench was actually rubbing off on T.J. Speaking of Ocho “Stinko,” although he has been off-the-charts-terrible, don’t give up on him (yet). While watching the game on Sunday, I observed “The Receiver Formally Known as Johnson” giving his quarterback a supportive high-five after a touchdown gave the team a lead. An injury may still be holding him back, but despite all the misdirection, there’s no mistaking the fact that at least his attitude is in the right place. (Are you listening, Mr. Randy Moss?) Buy low on #85 and some other bargain basement Bengals, and your fantasy team could claw its way into a fantasy championship.

Reality – All Is Mossed

Tom Brady falling with a resounding splat was already cause for alarm, but few believed Randy Moss would revert to his pouting days from Oakland by the third week. The shellacking New England received by the Fins on Sunday was ug-ly, but the faithful still believe the Patriots can come out of the AFC East as division winners. Nevertheless, if you are counting on Moss to put up anything close to the 1,400+ yards and 23 touchdowns he put up in 2007, you probably also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. If you own him, fact is, you’re better off sticking with him now that his stock is lower than Enron’s. If he’s being shopped around, pounce and try to take advantage of a likely panicky owner. Just be sure to keep your dreams in check. The Moss with the most fantasy points in 2008 might be named Santana.

Reality – Here Comes A Rocky Mountain High

If we were playing Jeopardy, the answer would be 38 points. The question is, “How many points have the Denver Broncos averaged in the first three games?” (I couldn’t believe it myself so I took out my trusty calculator to double check my work). Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall are the deadliest duo in the NFL, and a date with

Kansas City on Sunday will ensure that the chemistry continues. Rookie Eddie Royal’s numbers continue to dip, but don’t be surprised if they start to skyrocket when teams are forced to quintuple-cover Baby T.O. Even those crafty fantasy owners who drafted Tony Scheffler despite rumors that he was third on the depth chart are having the last laugh. The only fact that’s difficult to swallow in

Denver is how coach Shannahan uses Michael Pittman to snatch touchdowns away from Selvin Young.

Reality – Brown Will Look Good On You

Derek Anderson, we hardly knew ya. The dude who looks like pseudo-celebrity Doug Benson (from “Best Week Ever” – Google it – you’ll see what I mean), knows that his expiration date is quickly approaching. The Cleveland Browns have been awful, and everyone from Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards to Kellen Winslow have the pitiful stats to prove it. So what can the Browns do for you? For starters, they can give

Anderson the hook and give Brady Quinn a go. Reports out of Cleveland indicate that a move is imminent, so don’t be surprised to see Anderson get pulled for good if he doesn’t start of strong in this Sunday’s matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. Who knows? A change of quarterback could be the quinn-tessential move that gets the Browns back on track.

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