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REDRAFT BARGAIN CLOSEOUT: Zero-percent down and low interest!

Whether you decided to wait on a position, you got caught in a run in a snake draft, or spent all your money in an auction, you may find yourself playing a little catch up at the end of a draft. Come on down to the bargain basement for some big-time savings.

Fine print: Dealer provides no warranties, there may be issues with the wheels or transmission and there are no guarantees that any player’s here will pass testing. Buyer hereby waives all Lemon laws, if they existed, for shares of fantasy player stock.

A note about ADP. ADP for the sites are often controlled in part by their draft rooms. You are using independent rankings but many of the drafters right now are relying on the rankings or ADP of the site you are drafting on because they are using the draft program as their cheat sheet. Additionally, ADP is affected by early drafts so players who have gotten hot or gotten broken will have skewed ADPs

In casual leagues you can use the preset rankings to your advantage. If you know league mates will use them, plan ahead to manipulate runs and snipe some players.



One of the easiest positions to wait on unless you are doing a superflex or 2QB league. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one to know that and sometimes a drafter can get caught up in a run or lose focus. Once you get into double-digit rounds the pickings can become slim.

Wild ride – Tyrod Taylor. He currently has an average draft position of around 117 (Yahoo!), 112 (ESPN), 115 (CBS) and 123 (MFL). He is fun! Lots of upside and downside, so he is a QB you need to draft as part of a platoon.

Extreme caution – Ryan Tannehill. Anyone who reads me knows I firmly believe that the Dolphins exist to crush my hopes and dreams on a yearly basis. Tannehill may be worth a late round look at 128 (Yahoo!) 126 (ESPN), 143 (CBS) and 148 (MFL). If you need a backup or waited too long he is one of the cheapest QBs with job security. Of course, if you look at his schedule, I imagine his pregame warmup might involve reciting Psalm 23.

How adventurous is your league? – Jameis Winston. On MFL and CBS, Winston is going significantly higher averaging around 107. He is sitting around 121 on ESPN and 123 on Yahoo! If you can get him in a double-digit round that’s good value.

Cowboy up – Dak Prescott – May be far more popular than his worth but if your league decides to avoid the risk that comes with him and you can get him late as a lottery ticket stash he may work out for teams with deep benches or 2QB leagues.

Stop laughing – Case Keenum. I know, Goff is there…plus he is Case Keenum. He is also slated to start right now and is free in most leagues. Need a quick fix? Keenum is that box tape (not quite good enough for duct tape) that you pull out in an emergency and hope it holds long enough for you to make repairs.


Running Back

Because it’s not one of my articles unless I mention – Charles Sims. If your league watches preseason football his stock may go up from 114 (MFL), 123 (ESPN), and 127 (Yahoo!). He is being taken around 106 on CBS which is a fair price for my favorite Grinder.

You love a gamble – James White, LeGarrette Blount, and Tyler Gaffney. Blount’s ADP is anywhere from around 100 (CBS) to 142 (MFL) while White is coming in around 10-15 picks later (PPR). Gaffney is either going undrafted or being drafted right along with kickers. Its New England, you know the only thing certain is nothing is certain.

Handcuff swipe – Cameron Artis-Payne. He is only worth watching in smaller or short bench leagues. Fozzy Whittaker is there and so is goal-line vulture Mike Tolbert, but Artis-Payne should be the handcuff. If (cough, cough…when) Stewart goes down, you could land yourself a solid back.

Grinder potential handcuff – Chris Johnson. This holds especially true for PPR. David Johnson is the man but Chris Johnson should see some time on the field each game. He could serve as a bye week fill-in, gamble flex, or to cuff David Johnson. His ADP is 140 (ESPN), 187 (MFL), 150 (CBS), and 121 (Yahoo!)

 Another nifty handcuff steal – DeAndre Washington Oakland. Kid looks good.

You have some extra roster space – Karlos Williams. He is suspended and apparently likes donuts as much as I do. I feel you Karlos, I do. I won’t even post his ADPs because his release was so recent. Does your league have an Injured Reserve spot and does it allow suspended players? If so, you can grab Williams in a late round and stash him for 4 weeks while you see what happens. If you don’t have one, skip him in short-bench leagues. He is only worth the grab if you have a large enough roster to carry a dead bench spot.

Keep an eye on – Mike Davis. He is currently third on the depth chart but injuries may push him up that chart during the season. Kenjon Barner. Another case where injuries may create opportunity. He carries more value in leagues where you get return yards.


Wide Receivers

7-11 – Chris Hogan. Right now he is ranging from 126 (Yahoo!) to 177 (MFL) but I expect that to climb. Hogan could be one of those delightful surprises we get each season. Hogan is a great late-round WR target who should outperform his ADP

Second Fiddle? – Devin Funchess. He didn’t show up until the end of last year but he has had a strong preseason and is averaging around 120 in drafts. He should be the second or third receiver with Benjamin and Olsen there, but with the noise he is making, makes him worth that grab.

Second Fiddle Part Deux – Willie Snead. 113 (ESPN) 119 (Yahoo!) 116 (CBS) 112 (MFL). In PPR Snead is going to be a great value buy.

I’m not dead yet! – Vincent Jackson. Jackson’s criminally low ADP is your boon. With the exception of ESPN, where he is up to 110, he is averaging around 130. He should rise over the next few weeks but he is a great buy.

Closing time buys – Charles Johnson, Minnesota. Johnson is healthy again and will make a nice depth option.

Tyrell Williams, San Diego. Williams showed up as a dynasty grab in Grinders and Gambles last year. Hopefully you stashed him. He is starting to make some noise and has gotten some love from Rivers.


Tight Ends

Roll with an outlaw –Jesse James. Ladarius Green is talented and injured. Maybe he will come out and live up to expectations or maybe he will get healthy play three games and then pull a hamstring. Jesse James is in a position to benefit from this. He isn’t even being drafted in some leagues. If you get caught on your heels grabbing a tight end, grab James instead of that second kicker.

Panning for gold – Vance McDonald. The 49er tight end should be a nice budget grab if you are digging for points. 172 (CBS), 189 (MFL), 137 (yahoo!), and 170 (ESPN).

Buy now – Virgil Green. A late round buy who is showing up right now. Jeff Heuerman is still injured and Green has looked great in preseason. Grab him before his stock rises.

I can’t quit you – Jared Cook. I can quit him, I have quit him. Of course, he is flashing a bit in preseason and, of course, he will probably burn you again. If he lives up to his untapped potential he could be amazing. If I lived up to my untapped potential I could be a unicorn. You should probably quit him.

We quit Jared CookLance Kendricks. The Rams parted ways with Cook and Kendricks is now the primary tight end target. Look at the Rams’ quarterbacks. Look at the Rams’ very young or question filled receivers. Are you feeling me?

Keep an eye on or deep league diving – Dion Sims…because Jordan Cameron is Jared Cook‘s role model in dashing expectations. The Giants tight end battle. If a Giants’ tight end seems to be running away with the position grab him.

Remember grab the guys you love and have fun!

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