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Reflections from Week 3

Ok, first off, fantasy props to Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Javon Walker, Brandon Stokely and Reggie Wayne for providing us fantasy fans a score fest for the ages this last Sunday. I had Javon on one team and had him in the lineup. It wasn’t a piece of brilliant gamesmanship on my part however. I had to start two wide receivers, and my choices were Walker, Coles, Gabriel and Burleson. Seemed like an easy choice.

Brett Favre helped me squeak by and stay unbeaten in the Fantasy Sports Academy Xpert League. Peyton Manning single-handedly roasted me in my office money league. I wonder how many people had Stokely on the bench?

I keep trying to find my hindsight glasses, but it seems I’ve lost them. I had them when I started Curtis Martin over Travis Henry, but somehow I misplaced them this previous week. How could I have left Brad Johnson on the bench in favor of Kurt Warner? This was a league I waited too long to draft a quarterback, and my starter was Drew Bledsoe. I figured he was due for a good season. Yeah, I know, I’m lucky to be 2-1. Now I have to drop a mediocre quarterback, and I’m in a quandry. It would be easier if there was a little meat on the waiver wire bones. Do I drop Warner for Josh Scobey? How about Bledsoe for Ron Curry?

As I’m writing this I’m also watching the Cowboys and the Redskins. To Agenda42, Action and all the other guys in the tank who argued that a stud is a stud no matter where he plays or how good his offensive line his, I’m officially jumping on his bandwagon. I’m still on the Q-train, but my patience is wearing thin. And I’m the engineer for Curtis Martin Railways.

The Redskins are running the counter trey with Portis. The nice thing about the counter trey is you don’t have to have the best linemen as long as they can pull. It’s up to the back to find the crease, and Portis can hit a crease faster than butter melts on a hot skillet.

This is the defense most of us expected from a Parcells coached team. Dallas had a good D last year, but they haven’t looked good this year. I guess a little rivalry is good to get the blood pumping. Right now they are pumping the Potomac through 91,000 pleading Redskins fans, but the road teams tend to do well in this series, and Dallas is playing well.

What the heck happened to the Jones boys? Does anyone else remember the heated forums talking about who is better? Right now it’s Kevin. The tale of the tape?

  1. Kevin Jones – 31 rushes, 101 yards; 1 reception 34 yards.
  2. Julius Jones – 5 rushes, 16 yards; 2 receptions, 14 yards.

Oh, and both are out for several weeks.

Did I say Rookie of the Year? I meant ROY, as in Roy Williams. I didn’t put a lot of stock in him, mainly because I felt Charles Rogers would be the man in Detroit. Then he broke his collarbone…again. And all Roy has done is catch 17 passes for 277 yards and four TD’s. Man do the guys who drafted him look smart. Isn’t Joey Harrington a lucky dog?

Domanick Davis was supposed to wreak havoc on a porous Chiefs defense. It didn’t happen. The Chiefs still lost, but it wasn’t because of Davis. Heck, Trent Green and Tony Gonzalez finally had the kind of games we’ve been waiting for. Even Priest Holmes, listed as questionable due to an ankle injury, ran for 134 yards. Davis went 10 carries for 12 yards. So for two weeks in a row no team will run for more than 76 yards on Kansas City. Gunther Cunningham won’t get much happier this year, so he might as well enjoy the week off.

Studs and Duds has been changed to Sharks and Chum.


Three games into the season, and look at the following QB ratings

  1. Daunte Culpepper, 124.8
  2. Chad Pennington, 124.3
  3. Donovan McNabb, 122
  4. Peyton Manning, 119.9


  1. Jeff Garcia, 56.5
  2. Trent Green, 71.7
  3. Brad Johnson, 73.5
  4. Steve McNair, 74.3


  1. Chris Brown, 353 yards
  2. Priest Holmes, 351 yards
  3. Thomas Jones, 329 yards
  4. Edgerrin James, 328 yards
  5. Curtis Martin, 315 yards (deserves to be here because he did it in two games)


  1. Deuce McAllister, 58 yards
  2. Travis Henry, 141 yards (also deserves to be here-Aaron Stecker has more in two games)
  3. Marshall Faulk, 192 yards
  4. Fred Taylor, 196 yards


  1. Issac Bruce, 348 yards
  2. Hines Ward, 346 yards
  3. Reggie Wayne, 345 yards
  4. Javon Walker, 339 yards


  1. Jerry Porter, 89 yards
  2. Deion Branch, 92 yards
  3. Chris Chambers, 104 yards
  4. Marvin Harrison, 142 yards

TE – Sharks

  1. Randy McMichael
  2. Eric Jones
  3. Antonio Gates
  4. Tony Gonzalez
  5. Daniel Graham (3 TD’s in two games earns him a spot)


Who cares? Not much is expected out of the TE spot.

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