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Reverend Checo’s 2007 All BUST Team

Every year in fantasy drafts, there are always players who
under perform their average draft positions as they are overvalued by a
majority of the fantasy players around the world.

  It is my goal to compile a starting lineup of
Duds who are destined to BUST up fantasy lineups in 2007.

  My lineup will include 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and
1 TE as I usually don’t fully evaluate kickers and defenses production until
close to the season

  All of these players
should be available to give yourself a truly miserable 2007 fantasy experience.

Time to put on your blinders because it’s about to get ugly…

QB: Matt



Shark ADP: 8.04

Dud Analysis:

Shark Tank drafts, Leinart is being taken as the 9th QB off the
board, and is being significantly overvalued by fantasy players everywhere as
they still have visions of Denny Green’s pass happy offensive system from the
last few years that led to inflated passing numbers for the Cardinals.

  Ken Whisenhunt taking over as coach of the
Cardinals should result in a more balanced offense, and the defense should take
a step in the right direction as the Cards will not be trailing every game, all

  When all is said and done I
predict Leinart will produce passing numbers that should put him in the range
of the 17-20th best QB in fantasyland, and earn him a spot on
disappointed teams’ benches.

RB1: Shaun Alexander,


Shark ADP: 1.10

Dud Analysis: Alexander in early Tank mocks has gone as
early as 1.06 as many fantasy owners still refuse to acknowledge Shaun
Alexander’s situation has changed since his 27 TD campaign in 2005.

  Shaun Alexander’s foot injury slowed him last
year, and it is not clear whether he has fully recovered from the injury.

  He also turns 30 before the beginning of the
season, and the mileage is piling up as Alexander nears 2,000 career

  The loss of All-Pro Guard Steve
Hutcheson from the dominant left side of 2005 last year, and general aging of

offensive line also are factors in earning Mr. Alexander a place on this year’s
all bust team.

  Add up the age, mileage,
and overall depletion of the

offensive line, and Sean Alexander deserves a spot on the All BUST team.

RB2: Cedric Benson,

Chicago Bears

Shark ADP: 2.10

Dud Analysis: With the exit of Thomas Jones to the NY Jets
this offseason, the former early first round pick Cedric Benson gets his chance
to prove what he is really made of.

Unfortunately for the Chicago Bears and millions of fantasy owners in
2007, Cedric Benson is soft and on a crash course for missing games as he has
had trouble staying healthy.

  Benson is
destined to do the only thing he has known how to do in his professional career
and that is disappoint.

  What do you
expect from a guy whose role model in college was Ricky Williams?

WR1: Randy Moss,

New England Patriots

Shark ADP:


Dud Analysis: Randy Moss was a superstar as a Viking in
2003; however, Moss has lost a step after a rough stint in

Oakland and turning 30 this year.

  Despite this lost step, Randy Moss still
remains ubber talented, and is now united with the GREAT Tom Brady in

New England.

should lead to fantasy gold, right? WRONG!

Checo’s number 2 rule of drafting WRs in fantasy land is NEVER take a WR

New England as they will always surely
disappoint due to them spreading the ball around to all of their weapons.

  With the addition of Stallworth, Ben Watson
returning to health, and Maroney, the Patriots are loaded with talent in which
Tom Brady will spread the ball around.

Randy Moss will improve his stats from last year in

Oakland, however, this improvement will not
be enough to justify his fourth round average draft position, and that boys and
girls will land Mr. Moss on the 2007 All BUST team.

WR2: Deion Branch,

Seattle Seahawks

Shark ADP: 6.01

Dud Analysis: The Seattle Seahawks have chosen Deion Branch
to fill the void in replacing the traded Darrell Jackson in 2007.

  Unfortunately for the

Seattle brass, the Deion Branch trade to them
will net them with mediocre production and a huge contract.

  His 6th round tank ADP also will
disappoint many fantasy owners who could have taken Braylon Edwards, Darrell
Jackson, Santana Moss, etc. over Branch, but will be duped by his

  DJ Hackett will emerge as the
WR1 in

and Deion Branch will earn a spot on many disappointed fantasy owners’ 2008
do-not-draft lists.

TE: Kellen Winslow,


Shark ADP: 7.02

Dud Analysis: What is not to like about Kellen Winslow, Jr.
coming off a 2006 campaign in which he produced 875 yards on 89 receptions on a
sputtering Cleveland Browns offense right?

Two words: Micro-fracture surgery.

This is a difficult surgery that can take up to a year to recover, and
Winslow underwent the surgery in late January 2007 to repair cartilage from his
right knee that was injured in his 2005 motorcycle accident.

  Despite solid production in 2006, Winslow
coming off such a serious surgery should not justify his 7th round
ADP being picked before Vernon Davis, Jason Witten, and Algae Crumpler.

  For this, Mr. Winslow, Jr. earns a spot on
the 2007 All BUST Team.


There you have it, Reverend Checo’s 2007 Pre-Season All BUST

  If you truly want to have a
miserable 2007 fantasy experience feel free to take all of these guys, and save
another guy in your league from the weekly torment…


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