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Risers and Fallers – Week 10

The fantasy playoffs are closing in on us faster than DeMarcus Ware on Michael Vick . There isn’t a lot of time left to figure out the value of players. Week 10 offers usone of the last looks at players before we need to decide who can win us the games that matter the most. There are several impending questions that need answering for us to rely on specific players during crunch time and exactly how high we can set expectations for them. RnF Week 10 is solely a questioned based format which allows for the players to answer for themselves with their play.

New York Giants vs Cincinnati Bengals

Is Eli Manning still a top ten fantasy quarterback?

What exactly do owners have in their selection of Eli Manning ? It’s as though everything Eli has built in regards to his reputation and top ten value have been ruined given his play over the past three weeks.Professional athletes will indeed go through slumps at one time or another but four games is too much to stomach. Eli can’t afford to stink it up for a quarter of the season and still expect to be viewed as elite.

Tennessee Titans vs Miami Dolphins

Does Jake Locker possess the talent, ability, and durability to become a reliable fantasy option?

Those of us in dynasty leagues were tickled pink to see how Locker performed in limited action at the beginning of the season. The tickling quickly turned to groin kicking as Locker took a nasty hit and injured his shoulder, sidelining him for several weeks. It seems now that he’s ready to return in Week 10. Owners are looking for a faith-restoring performance as Locker can’t afford to struggle after having missed so much time.

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings

Can Christian Ponder become a consistent threat worthy of longevity in the NFL?

The Minnesota Vikings started off the season red hot but have recently cooled off completely. The defense has played good enough to win and Adrian Peterson is destroying defenses, one 178 yard rushing game at a time. The only issue seems to be the passing game, which can’t establish any consistency. Not only does Ponder run the risk of becoming irrelevant in fantasy circles, but he could also become replaceable on the field as well? Being without his top target Percy Harvin could be a complete undoing for what’s left of Ponder’s value.

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots

Is Stevie Johnson as much of a top end option as he would lead you to believe?

While it’s clear that the Bills receiver has the talent and the situation to perform as a top end wide receiver, number ’13’ just hasn’t been able to put the pieces together. His numbers are solid with over 400 yards and four touchdowns, but he’s clearly leaps and bounds away from the elite. Stevie Johnson has the chance to pad his stat line against a Patriots’ secondary that has been blown up every game this season. Johnson views himself as elite and the elite beat up on weakened opposition.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints

Can we trust any of the New Orleans Saints’ running backs for fantasy production?

With Darren Sproles out for the foreseeable future, the idea was that someone would pick up the slack and earn some added production. After watching last week’s game it looks more likely that several people will be pitching in. The trio of Chris Ivory, Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas all looked great in Sproles’ absence. While that’s all well and good for the Saints, it creates a mess for fantasy purposes. This will likely turn out to be that one out of three will produce RB2 numbers each week, but it remains to be seen if they’ll alternate those numbers in an unpredictable fashion.

San Diego Chargers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Does Vincent Jackson deserve to be in the top ten receiving rankings from here forward?

It’ll be interesting to see how much added motivation Vincent Jackson will tap into this week against his former club. Jackson has proved to be a very reliable receiver in fantasy, which up until this point has always been his bugaboo. If he can keep up this reliable pace and sprinkle in a few completely dominant games here and there he’ll without a doubt be a top ten receiving option in 2013. A big one here would propel his value into a whole new stratosphere.

Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers

Should we be starting either of the two Broncos’ tight ends?

Jacob Tamme was a supreme breakout candidate to begin the year but, unfortunately, never reached that level. Fellow tight end Joel Dreessen has stepped up just enough to ruin what could have been a highly productive year for Tamme. The two seem to go back and forth weekly as to whom the more productive option is, making it impossible to get a read on. Dreessen appears to have established himself as the red zone threat but really doesn’t contribute much in yardage. This could in fact turn into a situation where it’s too difficult to predict which one will produce and the best advice becomes avoid both all together.

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