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RISERS and FALLERS: Questioning the questionable

A few times throughout each season, RnF goes with nothing but short and sweet descriptions for players who have tenuous value in the balance. If you’ve been waiting since Week 1 for such an event, then grab a drink and sit back for a bit. These ten fantasy options have a boatload of value on the line this week. We’ll ask the questions but won’t offer any answers. The answers to these brain teasers will be provided after the Sunday night game concludes. Let us ask the questions and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Eagles and Seahawks – Doug Baldwin

Are we about to witness yet another amazing end of the season stretch for Baldwin? He went absolutely nuts in the second half last year and was able to finish with 14 touchdowns on the season. Was the 3-touchdown performance against the Patriots the first of a similar series of high output? More touchdowns would have his value needle pointing north. Can Baldwin produce a sequel that will drive him into WR1 territory for the remainder of the year?

Dolphins and Rams – Jared Goff

Is there anyone with more questions surrounding exactly who they are as a player than Jared Goff? It took ten weeks of watching Case Keenum fail over and over again before Jeff Fisher finally decided to roll the top player in the draft out. Can Goff match or outperform his Philadelphia counterpart in Carson Wentz? Will Goff look to be a fantasy asset down the line or will he look to be more a bust than an elite player? He doesn’t have to be amazing but he needs to provide something positive to build on. Can Goff live up to his number one overall draft billing?

Buccaneers and Chiefs – Tyreek Hill

The Chiefs new speed demon wide receiver has had two 100-yard games in the last three contests. With Travis Kelce disappointing owners on a regular basis and Jeremy Maclin either playing hurt or possibly being inactive for this one, can Hill become the new focus of the passing game in Kansas City? While it’s true that Alex Smith doesn’t have a cannon, he can pepper Hill with mid-range targets and let him inflate his passing numbers with tremendous yards after the catch totals. Can Hill come through in what appears to be a very easy matchup on paper? Can he earn our trust as a starter for our playoff runs? What can Hill do here to earn love down the line?

Jaguars and Lions  – Marvin Jones

Let’s take a two-game sample from the beginning of the season and compare it to the most recent two games Jones has played. In Weeks 2 and 3, Jones went completely off the wall for 323 yards and 2 touchdowns. Compare that to Weeks 8 and 9 where Jones had 38 total receiving yards without a score and you can see how far his value has dropped. The resurgence of Golden Tate and the healthy return of Eric Ebron has eaten away a lot of Jones’ value. Can he still remain a fantasy producer down the stretch? Who can he go off against if he can’t against Jacksonville? Can Marvin Jones revitalize himself starting here in Week 11?

Bears and Giants – Eddie Royal

By now, we’ve all heard the news of Alshon Jeffery‘s four game suspension. In most, if not all leagues, Bears’ wideout Cameron Meredith is already claimed and producing for another owner. Is it possible that we can pick Royal up off the free agent scrap heap and collect some production from him? Or, is Royal simply too injury-prone and in too advanced of a career stage to help our cause? He and Meredith should be able to bite off all they can chew with all of Jeffery’s targets up for grabs for the next month. Can Royal reboot himself and return to being fantasy relevant?

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