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RISERS & FALLERS: 1/4 Mile – Falling Back


Here we are. As we sit back and continue to make up excuses for our early round misses, we’re getting into Whammy Territory with our selections. We’re on the record, stating that Press Your Luck is the best game show of all time and actually reflects the fantasy angle to a T. And now, 25% of the way done, we’ve got nothing but Red Baron Whammys. We’ve said it before, and we continue to stand by it, Whammys are incredibly important to pay attention to. Here, a month into the season, we’ll offer up our quarter-mile “Whammys” and how you can plan ahead to STOP. It’s short and sweet for this week all the way around. Let’s get into a top ten of the most prominent players with something to lose. Week four has fallers potential only.

Jacksonville and New York- Leonard Fournette
With less than one full game under his belt and with no touchdowns on the season, the question becomes; How important is Leonard Fournette? He’s integral part for certain, but not to the point where the Jaguars’ success depends upon him. So, if he’s expendable, when does he get expended? Fournette should play here and he really needs a statement game to not only pay off patient owners but also plant himself into Top 10 pick consideration for the next 5 years.

Kansas and Denver- Kareem Hunt
After three games, Hunt is approximately 1/5 of the way toward his 2017 carries total. He’s got 52 under his belt already and he saw 272 in all of 2017. Also, his yards per carry has dropped off from 4.9 to 3.2. The long and short of this story is that the more Patrick Mahomes impresses, the less the Chiefs need Hunt. Can Hunt regain some value as the offense balances out? Or is this a pass first situation with Hunt on the sideline? Another week without 100-yards rushing could be a problem for Hunt owners.

New Orleans and New York- Mark Ingram
Alvin Kamara has 430 total yards of offense through the first 3 weeks. What is Mark Ingram going to be doing once his suspension is over? Running the ball? With a team that is behind from kick off with a monster RB1 already on his own team? Get real! Ingram owners could be in for some real sour grapes if the Saints’ defense can’t keep a game within striking distance.

San Francisco and L.A. Chargers- Matt Breida
How does this team function without Jimmy G? They weren’t the most well constructed team to begin with but at least they had an answer at quarterback. Now, with Jimmy done for the year, how does this team move the ball? Once Jerick McKinnon went down, Breida became a fantasy darling but will his darling status grow or welt based on the 49ers’ new found need for production?

Detroit and Dallas- Dak Prescott
Prescott is turning into a real headache. Can we just sit back and blame our draft livelihood on the athletic quarterback who can’t seem to pass for over 200-yards? Ezekiel Elliott can’t reach his potential because of Prescott. The Cowboys can’t pass because of Prescott. Maybe, just maybe, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant left because of Prescott. It’s time to put up numbers or re-sign Dez Bryant if Prescott can’t break 200-yards.

Cleveland and Oakland- Derek Carr
Three games, two touchdowns. Even David Johnson, the Arizona running back, stuck in quick sand, has two touchdowns on the season. Carr, after three games, should be sitting at a modest six scores, but is instead holding onto a record of 2 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Last year, we blamed injury. This year, we blame Jon Gruden. Soon, we’ll blame Carr himself.

New England and Miami- Tom Brady
Rex Burkhead was the focus of the JE11-Less Patriots. Well, now he’s on IR and the Pats seem unwilling to put Josh Gordon on the field. Taking away a major weapon without implementing another could finally be Tom Brady‘s undoing. Are we all really just supposed to sit back and wait on a former quarterback, who is over 30 years old by the way, with multiple season ending injuries, to simply step-in and save Brady’s fantasy life? BARF.

Philadelphia and Tennessee- Nelson Agholor
Some Aggy statistical Quick Hits-
With Nick Foles– Agholor saw 18 targets that he turned into 16 catches.
With Carson Wentz– 5 targets that he turned into 4 catches.

That’s a pretty big decline and something that looks to be a trend moving ahead into the meat of the 2018 season. If Agholor can’t mesh with Wentz here WITH Alshon Jeffery out, he’ll be an afterthought when Jeffery returns from his shoulder injury.

Cincinnati and Atlanta- Julio Jones

We’re using a million dollar fantasy search engine to compute what’s wrong with Julio Jones‘ value. SEARCHING….SEARCHING….
Oh it turns out Matt Ryan craps his Levis when in the red zone and Julio Jones goes into ghost-mode. In fact, Calvin Ridley had more touchdowns in one single week in Week 3 than Julio has had this entire season. If Julio and Ryan can’t get on the same page, then Julio will drop two full rounds in fantasy and Ryan will be ranked behind Philip Rivers for the rest of his days.


Tampa and Chicago- Jameis Winston
Definition of a Loser: See Winston, Jameis.
Ryan Fitzpatrick after three weeks: 12 total touchdowns to only 4 interceptions while also going for 1,200 yards passing. Mike Evans seems happy. DeSean Jackson seems happy. Fans seem happy. It might not be long until Winston is throwing picks and serving prison sentences in Arizona.

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