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RISERS & FALLERS: Helping him help you

If you’re still displaying interest in fantasy, then congrats on making the playoffs. But now it’s as serious as serious gets as this is most likely your second round of the playoffs and everything is coming down to the wire. This week, we see some top end options facing uncertainty due to the impact they’re dealing with thanks to a teammate. Here, we’ll breakdown five players who need help from a mystery shrouded friend in order for us to move closer to the championship.

Jordy Nelson needs Aaron Rodgers to not have a rusty game

All of the Nelson owners have eaten it almost as hard as Rodgers’ owners. Nelson has completely fallen off without his partner in crime. Patient owners who were lucky enough to creep into the playoffs now have an ace up their sleeve. But just because the stars have aligned doesn’t mean things are a given though. What are the odds that Rodgers is going to jump off IR and return to being the top quarterback in the game? Because that’s what it’s going to take in order for Nelson to pay off. If Nelson is in your lineup during the second round, you’re making the statement that you have full faith in Rodgers returning from his second major collarbone issue and slinging the ball all over the turf. Most players require a game to knock the rust off but we don’t have that luxury smack dab in the middle of the elimination rounds. Nelson is a wild card, high risk and reward option that make your team sink or swim.

Alshon Jeffery needs Nick Foles to relive his Eagles’ glory days

Alshon Jeffery pretty much salvaged his downward spiral when he signed on to be the main man for Carson Wentz. It took a few weeks, but it was like when Terrelle Pryor finally completely fizzled out in Washington, Jeffery was finding his stride in Philly. But we’re about to find out how much of Jeffery’s value hinges on the presence of Wentz. Can the return of Nick Foles not only soften the blow for Jeffery this week but during the early season next year if Wentz isn’t ready? That’s the thing with these knee injuries. Not everyone is an Adrian Peterson type of person who can suffer the injury late and return for Week One the following season. If Foles looks lost and Jeffery suffers for it, not only will owners be behind the 8-ball during a playoff matchup, but they’ll likely have to scale back 2018 expectations as missed time should be taken into consideration.

Dez Bryant needs Dak Prescott to play like last week

Here’s this week’s trivia question: How many 100-yard games does Dez Bryant have this season? Answer: ZERO. It’s amazing that in a season where the running game has dissolved and Bryant has been completely healthy that his yardage total has only reached 712 yards. The good thing for us though was that Prescott finally broke out of his five game funk and looked much more like that elite passer we’ve grown used to seeing. The big play was there and Dez was the recipient of the most explosive play of the game. Here the question becomes which Prescott shows up against the Raiders? If it’s the guy we saw last week, then Bryant could knock on the door of a WR1 output. If it’s the guy we saw throw for 100-yards against the Redskins then we’ll see Bryant’s torturous season end our championship hopes.

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