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Redskins and Saints- RB, Samaje Perine

It seems like a century ago, but remember when drafters were all riding the hype train known as Samaje Perine? It’s tough to recall because that train derailed just outside the station but it was a real thing once. Now we snap to Week 11 and there is an outside chance that Perine is able to get back on track. Thompson is still the back to own but Washington is going to make a strong effort to preserve the receiving back by keeping him away from the tackle box. That puts Perine in position for somewhere in the ball park of 10-15 touches a game. Can Perine turn that work into production? He was a prime waiver wire target this week as owners are in panic mode with the fantasy playoffs just weeks away. The Saints have played extremely tough defense this season so anything positive that Perine does will be amplified in easier games down the road.

Eagles and Cowboys- TE, Zach Ertz

As of this key stroke, we don’t know for certain if Ertz is going to be able to play against Dallas. All indications are positive but nothing is for certain in the NFL. Hopefully, Ertz was able to rest up during the bye week and will come back at 100%. If that is indeed the case, Ertz could turn into the X-factor that wins championships for fantasy owners. Ertz has managed to compile 528 yards with six touchdowns in 2017. By comparison, fantasy darling Evan Engram has almost 90 less yards with one fewer touchdown despite Ertz not playing for three straight weeks. Can Ertz hop right back into being the focus of the Eagles’ attack? Or has Alshon Jeffery done enough to garner more looks and eats into Ertz’s target share? Or maybe the Philly offense has suddenly turned into a run first approach as they have both LeGarrette Blount and now Jay Ajayi begging for work? This is a very important game for Ertz’s 2017 remaining outlook.

Vikings and Rams- QB, Case Keenum

So we all know that Sam Bradford is out and that Teddy Bridgewater is knocking on the door of a potential return. But Case Keenum has thrown a massive monkey wrench into the works in Minnesota. Just as the Vikings were finishing bridging the gap from the potential end of the Bradford era to the return of Teddy, Keenum goes out and destroys Washington to the tune of 300 plus yards with four scores. Is Keenum up to the challenge of keeping this pace up? Can he fend off Bridgewater and remain the starter? The Vikings could end up facing some tough personnel decisions if Keenum comes out and drops a 250-yard and three touchdown line against the resurging, division leading Rams. Also, sometimes you have to step back and give props when they are due. The Vikings’ general manager Rick Spielman is the ultimate fantasy owner. While we all deal with the loss of fantasy quarterbacks like Andrew Luck or lost commodities like David Johnson, Spielman has been able to find hidden value after his top back and top two quarterbacks have gone down. Kudos to him.

Bills and Chargers- QB, Nathan Peterman

Is this J. Peterman’s son? You know J. Peterman, Elaine’s boss from Seinfeld? If he’s not, then we officially have no clue as to who in the heck this guy is. After checking with some reliable sources (google) he appears to be the new starting quarterback for the Bills. We get the fact that the coaches want to send a message to the team but messing with your starting quarterback is way out of line. Tyrod Taylor was less than stellar as his 79 yards passing last week were putrid to say the least but it’s not the quarterback’s fault. Buffalo has allowed two top end play-makers at wide receiver to leave in Sammy Watkins and Chris Hogan. They have replaced them with two slow, underachieving, and seemingly disinterested wide receivers when Philadelphia cast off Jordan Matthews and Carolina’s malcontent Kelvin Benjamin. Add in the fact that they offer up one of the worst offensive lines in the league and you can piece together an explanation as to why Taylor only had 79 yards passing against the suddenly tough Saints’ defense. Good luck to this kid as he has the chance to keep the starter’s role for a team that is still very much in playoff contention, as any and all negatives go as positives for Taylor’s value.

Bengals and Broncos- WR, Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders was incredible as he abused the Patriots’ secondary. He’s proving his worth as you would think that it would be Demaryius Thomas as the one to overcome all the quarterback issues. It turns out that even though Sanders stands in Thomas’ shadow physically, he’s actually the better wide receiver talent. But can he keep this rolling? Can Sanders offer us a WR1 value during the most important time of the season? Another productive game against a seemingly decent defensive opponent would have Sanders knocking on the door of a returning WR2 status. Another monster game could see Sanders commanding WR1 consideration.

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