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Post Thanksgiving Hangover Thoughts and Forecasts

Now that we’ve had a little time to clear our heads, it’s time to dive back into the fantasy life. This week, RnF is going to switch gears a little bit. This time of the season, it’s not very informative to explain who has the most value on the line in a single contest. It’s pretty much the fantasy playoffs, so we all know who-is-who and what-is-what at this point. We thought we’d simply share some takes and try our best to predict some practical futures as we were able to undo the belt and soak in a full Turkey Day week of pig skin. This ranges from insightful to highly questionable but unfortunately, that’s the way that this mind operates.

Quarterback is somehow a dying commodity in a passing league

How long have were heard the term “passing league?” It seems like since the days of Alexander, Tomlinson, and Holmes, the running backs are toast and the quarterbacks are scoring the most. That remains true today, but the quantity of quarterbacks that are fantasy worthy are dying off like the dinosaurs. Outside of Tom Brady and Carson Wentz, who is giving you an edge at the quarterback spot each week? It’s been a very strange season and it’s most clearly illustrated by the sudden fall off at the quarterback spot.

Beware established players in new cities

We’ve done it to ourselves far too many times in the past and we are now making this a yearly rule. Rule 1A: Do NOT over purse a formely established player in the first year with a new team. Yes, you have examples like Brandin Cooks and Alshon Jeffery that work out alright but you also have cases like Terrelle Pryor, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, Jeremy Maclin, and DeSean Jackson where things don’t work out as nicely. Next year, we’ll be avoiding the hype train with owners on the calculator saying “Average out what he did in Cleveland vs the completion percentage that New Orleans had” type of situations.

The backup quarterback needs to be examined when selecting a wide receiver

Take a look at what Jordy Nelson has done since Aaron Rodgers went down. Think about how terrible T.Y. Hilton would have been if Indy didn’t go out and pull the trigger on a trade for Jacoby Brissett. Hey, DeAndre Hopkins, don’t you appreciate having a little depth at the quarterback position? If you’re 50-50 on two wide receivers, after you reflect upon the schedule, factor in who has potentially the biggest drop off if their quarterback goes down.

Defenses are as unpredictable as kickers

We would have bet our total livelihood that Seattle would have blown away the competition as the best defensive unit in the league. But an injury here, some bad coaching there, an unmotivated player there, and suddenly Seattle is average at best. New England looked terrible and now they’re finally getting things together after 12 weeks. Baltimore is doing a lot with a little as they have pitched multiple shutouts without offering a star-studded roster. Go late on defense as you really don’t know who is going to do what on a weekly basis.

Tight end will have the biggest drop off from after the top selection is gone

Jimmy Graham could be out of Seattle. Alex Smith could be out of Kansas City. Greg Olsen will be a year older dealing with now two foot injuries. Zach Ertz and Jordan Reed are going to miss at the very least four games each season. After Rob Gronkowksi goes, it could be more than 2 rounds until the next worthy tight end goes off the board.

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