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It’s too late in the season for life altering advice. Let our short and sweet topics resonate.

There’s only one week on the docket and not a lot left to say.” He could, he should, ifs, ands, or buts” are all out the window. This is make or break territory. Trust your gut but also, dance with who you brought. Cliche cliche, for sure.

Dolphins and Bills- Jay Ajayi

What is he? A true top-end RB1 or a bum that shows up for the least important/predictable periods of time where he’s on the bench instead of active? Show up this week or simply, go away.

Falcons and Panthers- Cam Newton

His season, for lack of a better word, SUCKED. He needs to finish the season off with three bangers in a row. Last week was good, does he have anything left in the tank after all these off days during practice sessions?

Redskins and Bears- Kirk Cousins

The Washington quarterback could have turned into Drew Brees 2.0 if he finished his last few games on consecutive high notes. Instead, he did nothing in Week 15 and cost many teams a chance at the big bucks. He needs to rebound to save face or he’ll be outside the top ten next season.

Titans and Jaguars- Blake Bortles

When your team completely poops the bed, it’s usually the quarterback spot that gets questioned the most. With their head coach already canned, can any replacement help the long-term outlook for Bortles? Can the Jags’ QB make the previous play calling look like the culprit and regain value?

Jets and Patriots- Brandon Marshall

We personally HATE Brandon Marshall. He lacks motivation and is a 6-foot tall powder keg. The Jets are doing nothing in the next decade and their high-end WR may be a salary cap casualty. Can Marshall do enough to earn a job next season while underwhelming to the point of being cut? Let’s hope B-Marsh meets up with Tony Romo in 2017.

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