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Once or twice a season, we here at RnF like to roll out a few questions without offering any sort of answer. As well as these words are written (smiley face), we can’t go out and make a top ranked quarterback break through against a lowly defense. Our choice in font has no impact on a wide receiver wrapping his head around a new offense. It’s all up to the players to provide the answer to the questions we find ourselves still asking. We’ve got questions, they hopefully have answers. We’ll be watching.

Dolphins and Falcons- Julio Jones
“Goodbye to Rosie the Queen of Corona…me and Julio down by the school yard.” For those who aren’t Paul Simon fans, you’re missing out. For everyone reading this, please note while at the school yard, me and Julio had the same amount of touchdowns, being zero. This needs to be corrected now. Julio needs to start building on his touchdown totals to gain ground on lost commodities like ODB. Can Julio do enough to deserve drawing parrellels to Antonio Brown for the remainder of the season?

Browns and Texans- Lamar Miller and Duke Johnson
We love us some Miami U. Since as long as we can remember, The U has been a running back factory. Edgerrin James, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, and Frank Gore all come to mind when brainstorming on the products churned out by the Hurricanes. This week, we see two former ‘Canes slugging it out with Lamar Miller and Duke Johnson. Who is the runningback to target in trades? Who offers the most for the rest of the season? Both are in the middle of a committee and need and create some space. Who is the higher ranked runner after this contest?

Lions and Saints- Alvin Kamara
Peterson struggled during his short stay with the Saints and then was cast off to the deserts of Arizona. Mark Ingram hasn’t impressed to this point, so we need to start to wonder about his long term situation in New Orleans. Kamara has looked the part of a top ten pick though he went well after the big name rookies were off the board. Can Kamara do enough to drive Ingram out of town after this season? If Kamara can add the strong runs to his already amazing receiving ability, Ingram could find himself on the outs and Kamara could find himself ranked inside the first round.

Bucs and Cardinals- Adrian Peterson
What do you have left in the tank there big fella? Anything? Was it the scheme in New Orleans? Was it their subpar offensive line? Let’s hope that wasn’t the case because the Cards’ line is just as bad as the Saints at this point. Don’t get it twisted, this game sees Peterson’s fantasy value laying on it’s death bed. He needs a lot of touches for a lot of yards to pump oxygen back into his fantasy life. Can the best rusher of the last decade do just that?

Rams and Jaguars- Jacksonville defense
Last year they were a super sleeper. After a letdown, they remained a steady sleeping option for 2017. So far, they have been amazing as they’ve joined the ranks of the Best of the West. We’ve seen New England, Arizona, and both New York teams fall from defensive grace, and the Jags have vaulted themselves into those previously held spots. Can Jacksonville continue this roll? Could Jacksonville end up finding themselves ranked as the new top-dog each week? What the Jaguars do against the lowly Rams could set themselves up nicely in regards to their weekly value.

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