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Set to Rise

Tampa Bay and Atlanta – Tevin Coleman
Have you heard the rumors? It doesn’t take an ear to the ground to hear the rumblings of the rumor train in Atlanta. We’ve stated the obvious before, but as the trade line gets closer, you’re going to hear more about Coleman getting dealt. Atlanta doesn’t appear to be a serious contender this year and are on the hook for big salaries left and right. One of those salaries just happens to exist at the running back spot. Once Atlanta invested in Devonta Freeman it was clear that Coleman’s time with the Falcons was coming to a close. Now, Freeman is said to be dealing with more injuries, putting his Week 6 status in doubt. That would put Coleman in the driver’s seat of another RB1 situation. Let’s say Coleman goes full beast-mode against a team that struggles to lace up their cleats on defense with the Bucs. Will that create enough value for another running back needy team to offer up a solid deal? Coleman could go from a fill-in RB1 to a dynasty asset if the right team comes calling. Simply put, don’t be surprised if the team on the other side of the field this week takes notice of Coleman’s output and potential availability.

Arizona and Minnesota – Stefon Diggs
There’s a few things that over the years we fear we’ve repeated to a point to which the readers’ eyes begin to bleed. You know the old RnF regular quotes; “A kicker is a kicker is a kicker” or the old classic, “Tight end is perhaps the toughest position to predict”. Let’s add “In most cases, past touchdown totals aren’t indicative of future production.” It’s no secret that in Minnesota, Adam Thielen has been the main-man in 2018. He’s got the yards, he’s got the targets, and he’s got the touchdowns. You look at the fantasy totals and it’s as if Diggs is a WR2/3 compared to Thielen’s WR1 status. But, two of Thielen’s touchdowns have been miraculous to say the least. With two touchdowns, that in most cases would have resulted in incompletions, Diggs isn’t all that far behind Thielen in scoring. With 12 points off the board with insane touchdown conversions, in our personal scoring format, Thielen would be at 98 points compared to Diggs’ 86. 12 points over 5 weeks; it just goes to show just how comparable these two have been. Both have been WR1’s but the shadow that Thielen casts isn’t as intimidating as the stat sheet may lead you to believe. Also, Diggs’ value could get a kick in the pants in a positive way here if Patrick Peterson ends up on Adam Thielen. A game of greater or at least equal production to Thielen would have Diggs looking at a value boost.

Kansas City and New England – Josh Gordon
Let’s quote Brady here with the classic “LET’S GOOOO!” for Gordon this week. He should be fully back to football shape and hopefully all caught up with the Patriots’ playbook — AND he’s got Julian Edelman back with two weeks of practice for the two to learn how to play off each other’s strengths. Gordon should be able to fake a curl route with Julian Edelman underneath, as Flash Gordon sticks a double move on the cornerback. The corner sees JE11 underneath and jumps the route, Gordon sticks and goes full throttle down field for the big play. If the corner doesn’t jump, Edelman gets an easy 10 yards for the first down conversion. Oh, and then there’s James White and Rob Gronkowski for the defense to worry about. The point being made is that now that the Patriots’ offense is fully healthy and pieced together, Gordon should be able to return to WR1 status. Kansas City has given up points by the boat-load and this should be one of the most combined score totals of Week 6. Gordon needs to be a big part of this offensive back and forth. If he doesn’t break out for his first Patriots’ WR1 game against KC, the doubt will begin to mount.

Indianapolis and New York Jets – Robby Anderson
Anderson looked like the Anderson we had grown so used to seeing in 2017; it only takes 3 or 4 catches for him to put up top 5 numbers on the week. Sam Darnold is looking for love in all the wrong places and he may have just found a fantasy bestie with Anderson over the top. Darnold can sling it and Anderson can track down anything within 50 yards of him. Here, against the Colts, Anderson should be able to build consistency with his quarterback. Back-to-back weeks with WR1 production would have Anderson’s value even further extended. With no one capable of playing outside for the Colts’ defense, this should be an absolute field day for Anderson. If he doesn’t come through, Anderson will return to being a dart throw play who will burn you more often than paying off. Anderson may be the player with the single most value on the line here in Week 6.

Pittsburgh and Cincinnati – Tyler Boyd
Since Week 1, the secondary Cincy receiver has averaged 91.75 yards per game. With 400 yards and two touchdowns on the year, Boyd has just 26 less receiving yards than Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans and more receiving touchdowns than the Giants’ Odell Beckham. He’s been sneaky quiet but it’s time for the Bengals to bring the noise for their new founded talent. In a divisional game matchup that figures to be a back and forth scoring competition, Boyd could take it to the next level. With Joe Mixon back and demanding front seven attention and A.J. Green deserving of double, if not triple, coverage, Boyd should be able to see one-on-one soft coverage on almost every single down. If Andy Dalton can gather himself and realize that the offense, though driven by A.J. Green, needs Boyd to be a highly functioning asset, Boyd will be on the upswing in a big way. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Boyd have 10 catches here. The loss of Eifert shouldn’t mean more looks for Uzomah, but instead a larger target share for Boyd.

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