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With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d throw some jaw dropping, absolutely frightening knowledge and numbers in your face. It’s like we’re egging your house except out eggs are the truth and the house is your own shocked, terror stricken face. Buckle up. Would you like to play a game?…

Vikings and Browns – TE Kyle Rudolph
What if we told you that if Rudolph had 20 catches here in Week 8, that his 2017 pace would still have him finishing behind his 2016 numbers? Pretty telling, we know, but that’s what this is all about this week. Sometimes you need a few numbers to sock you right in the jaw for you realize that your hopeless abandon for one player could lead to your first class seat to the losers’ bracket. Rudolph hasn’t been a TE1. Pure and simple. A lot of it has been due to Sam Bradford missing significant time but Rudolph’s invisible-man routine can’t go unnoticed. He needs a freakish game here to right the rails.

Raiders and Bills – QB Derek Carr
What if we told you that last week, Carr went for 417 yards with three touchdowns against the well respected Chiefs’ defense? What if we added the tidbit of him being ranked outside of the Top 10 QB options by some of the biggest affiliates in the world this week as he squares off against the Bills? You know, the same Bills’ defense that let up almost 400-yards passing with three touchdowns to the injured Jameis Winston last week. How is such a ranking possible? We don’t know, but look around, cause we’re not fooling. Carr continues to not garner the love that he should and a big game here could earn him some much needed respect. Can he prove the haters wrong while also establishing himself as a Top 5 weekly play for the second half of the season?

Bears and Saints – RB Tarik Cohen
What if we told you that the second string Bears’ running back had 454 total yards of offense so far this season? What if we informed you that the suddenly highly coveted fantasy asset in Alvin Kamara had 30 yards less than Cohen, with 424 yards on offense? While Kamara gets the leg up with an extra touchdown on his resume, Cohen seems to be in stealth mode as most fantasy owners would beg, borrow, and steal to obtain a rookie on such a pace. Can Cohen keep the pace up and not only outperform the more highly touted Kamara, but establish himself as the number three rookie back behind only Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt? This figures to be a game where Cohen will be highly involved so look for him to plead his case against the Saints.

Falcons and Jets – QB Matt Ryan
What if we told you that last year’s MVP, who only threw 7 interception in 2016, was already at 6 INTs in 2017? What if we told you that his touchdowns were on pace to finish under 20 after going for almost 40 the previous year? The Super Bowl hangover is real folks. It’s not folklore like the Madden Curse or a SI cover, it’s as real as the rising sun. Just ask Cam Newton. What’s that, Cam? Oh, sorry, no further questions, gotcha. Can Ryan stuff the fantasy stocking a little bit here to inflate his numbers? Can he and the Falcons’ offense not only pump their own tires but also their confidence for a stretch run? Ryan is making a run at the fantasy bust quarterback of 2017 and games like this could help him avoid such a label.

49ers and Eagles – WR Nelson Agholor
What if we told you that Agholor’s previous season high for yardage was 365? What if we informed you that he currently has 366 in 2017 with 9 games left to be played? What if the icing on the cake was the fact that Agholor had three touchdowns through his first two full years but he has five already this season? Do we need to jump back to roughly 25 words ago to remind you that there’s 9 games remain to be played? Welcome to Crazy Town where Nelson Agholor is the Mayor. If he hasn’t earned your much needed respect, it’s time to take notice of the season Aggy has pieced together so far. Can he do enough to allow the Eagles’ front office to let both Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery depart after their one year try outs? Could Agholor have an even bigger role next season? Keeping the quiet, yet productive pace against San Fran will have Agholor cruising even further up the ranks, both short and long term.

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