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Risers and Fallers – Week 5 (The Short-n-Sweet Edition)

Just beyond the quarter mile mark, we find ourselves facing nothing but short and sweets. Here’s a tasty question for all the Sunday games to mark the occasion.

Washington vs Atlanta – Has Leonard Hankerson replaced Roddy White in The Falcons offense? Is Hankerson worth not only owning but starting while White argues his role with the OC? A big game here would move Hankerson into WR2 territory.

Cleveland and Baltimore – Who, other than Steve Smith, is capable of catching passes in Baltimore? Is it Aiken? Is it Brown? Whomever owns the catches and target totals needs to be owned and started after this contest.

Seattle and Cincinnati – Can the “New and Improved” Andy Dalton handle the high-powered Seattle defense? If he can, he’ll go from pretender to contender and propel himself way up the quarterback charts. An obviously huge game for the Red Rocket in week five.

St. Louis and Green Bay – Is Todd Gurley the second coming of Adrian Peterson? Not only did Gurley look like a physical nightmare last week, but he showed a stronger comprehension of the game than elder players. How high is Gurley’s ceiling?

Chicago and Kansas City

Chicago WR Eddie Royal.

Is Eddie Royal worthy of holding a roster spot? If he is, is he worth starting? Save for a touchdown last week, the answer to both would be no. Let’s see what Royal can do with Cutler back under center and a hopeful return of Alshon Jeffery.

New Orleans and Philadelphia – Can Brandin Cooks fall any lower any faster? Anything outside of a 200-yard game could add to the falling weight of the early season anchor pulling Cooks down. He’s gone from a WR1 to a borderline WR3. Do things get better or worse here in week five?

Jacksonville and Tampa Bay – What has the stronger chance of occuring? Vincent Jackson having a resurgence or Mike Evans finding lost relevance? The value clock is ticking on both, perhaps more so on Evans than V-Jax. Jackson can leave and find a QB anywhere. Evans will be stuck with Winston for a long , LONG time.

Buffalo and Tennessee – Who is Charles Clay? Is he a top-five fantasy tight end? Or is he just a product of his unlucky surroundings? If he can’t put up TDs against The Titans, he simply can’t at all. Watch those illegal clipping plays Richie Incognito, some of us with integrity still have value on the line.

Arizona and Detroit – What are we dealing with in regards to Chris Johnson? The coaches like him more than both David Johnson and Andre Ellington.

New England and DallasDion Lewis is suddenly the toast of Foxboro. Does the young runner not only have the chance to supplant LeGarrette Blount, but also join Gronk and Edelman as the primary fantasy options from the silver and blue? A big game here could turn him into a top-20 runner this season with potential for upward movement next year.

Denver and Oakland – Is Ronnie Hillman better than C.J. Anderson? Can he be trusted in lineups as a potential RB1 or is Hillman all bust and no boom? If he can’t run against the Raiders than he flat-out can’t run against any one. Hillman has the most value on the line this week after supposedly earning more looks after his 70-yard TD last week.

New York (Giants) and San Francisco – If we can’t trust the Giants defense to come through strong against the 49ers’ Kaepernick, when can we expect such an outing? The Giants should have 3 INTs and 5 sacks here. Anything short will result in a quick cut to make way for more upside options.

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