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Rob’s Draft Day Hints

With everyone’s draft upon them here are a few quick hints to remember when going into your draft.

1: Cross out the “bye week” of guys you don’t want because of a bye week conflict
I cannot tell you how many people every year screw up the bye week. It’s such a simple thing to fix. Here’s what I do. When I choose a position like Tight End, Kicker, or Defense, I immediately cross out the bye week on the cheatsheet of any other player with that same bye week. That reminds me not to choose that player when it’s my turn. I’ve never screwed up since I started doing this.

2: Keep an updated injury report near by.
It only takes a quick check before you make your selection to check the injury report. Don’t make the mistake of taking someone like Chad Pennington that you know will be gone for the vast majority of the year. Take your time when making a selection. You’ll be glad you did.

3: Carry a working pick grid.
One of the two items I always take to a live draft is the pick grid. It’s simply a grid of what positions each player has taken. That way I know that Doug has 7 Running Backs and Tony has no QBs yet. It’s probably not that helpful if you pick on the corner spot, but in any other position it’s incredibly helpful.
Click here for the Pick Grid and Line-up Sheet

4: Don’t forget your Cheatsheet and Detail pages.
It may seem obvious. But, if you’ve got more than one cheatsheet available to you, bring it. When making that 8-12 round selection it’s nice to compare a couple of cheetsheets. Also, I like to refer to the detail pages when I’m between guys. It may also be helpful to note which web site cheatsheets other players are using. Use this to your advantage if you’re just off the corner spot.

5: Running Back, Running Back, Running Back.
I know there are tons of strategies and theories out there, but don’t get caught like my friend Keith did last year when he looked back after the draft and said, “I’m weak at RB, but I just didn’t like any of them at those spots”. You cannot pass on Running Backs and expect to win your FFL championship.

7: Bring a Line-up Sheet.
The other item I bring along to the draft is a line-up sheet. It includes a place for me to write down my team by position on a piece of paper. Can you imagine asking another guy who YOU picked in the 4th round. It also tends to reinforce that you may be short on a particular position.
Click here for the Pick Grid and Line-up Sheet

8: Know your scoring system.
If you don’t know your league’s scoring system and starting roster spots you’ll get killed. It makes a huge difference if QBs get a point per 20 yards passing vs. 25 yards passing. Same is true if your league can start only 2 RBs vs. 3. There’s no excuse for coming into the draft unprepared.

9: Enjoy yourself.
And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You can have a good draft, have a ton of fun, and still have a good team all at the same time. Don’t make it a life or death experience. Just enjoy the moment and get yourself a championship caliber team!

Good Luck!!

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