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Rookie Review – Week 12

Week 11 had weather play a factor in a few games. How did the rookies fare? Lets find out.


E.J. Manuel – In a rematch with the Jets and fellow rookie Geno Smith, Manuel far outplayed his counterpart. Manuel was 20-of-28 for 245 yards and two touchdowns while suffering one sack. Mind you, he did this without his top two wide receivers. The wind was blowing hard all day, yet E.J. looked very poised and did not have any mental breakdowns. I would have loved to see this kid and his wide receivers stay healthy this year to see what he could have done. The Bills have the makings of a nice offense in the future.

Mike Glennon – What would Mike Glennon do without Vincent Jackson? Jackson has acted like a ball magnet since Glennon took over the controls at quarterback and was so again on Sunday catching 10 of Mikes 20 completions. Mike ended up 20-for-23 with 231 yards and two touchdowns. Just remember that he did this against an Atlanta Falcons team who looks like they have given up on the year. Like with Manuel above, what could he have done this year if he had started all year and also not lost WR Mike Williams?

Geno Smith – Mr. On one week, Off one week had something to prove. Smith was good in Week 9 and the Jets were on a bye in week 10.   Would he have an off week? Would he come back with another good week? His trend all year is odd weeks he is good and even weeks he is bad. Well, he was horrible this week, going 8-for-23 with 103 passing yards and three interceptions (1 for a pick six) and suffering four sacks and a fumble before getting benched. The Jets have already said that he is starting this week, but that will be against and angry Baltimore Ravens team. My guess is that he has another bad outing this Sunday.

Matt McGloin – We may have a quarterback controversy on our hands. McGloin started this week for the injured Terrelle Pryor and had a very nice day going 18-32 with 197 passing yards and three touchdowns and suffering two sacks. Remember that Pryor has struggled recently getting the ball into the end zone. It was announced Wednesday that McGloin will start in Week 12.

Running Back

Giovoni Bernard – The running backs looked like they had to carry the load for the offense against the Browns because quarterback Andy Dalton was off all day. The Bengals backfield had over 100 yards rushing with Bernard getting 10 carries for 45 yards and also catching four balls for 41 yards on five targets. Cincinnati still seems content with the split workload for the two running backs, maybe it is so they will be fresher for the playoffs. I still firmly believe that Bernard is the better bet for a bigger workload because he can do more on the field with the ball in his hands.

Eddie Lacy – It has not been an easy road for Lacy since the injury to Aaron Rodgers. Teams are putting more defenders in the box to stop him ala Adrian Peterson. Eddie had 14 carriers, but for only 27 yards and a touchdown with two catches for 21 yards. Green Bay is surely missing its star quarterback and all of his impact on the field.

Le’Veon Bell – In a game that saw delays due to bad weather that caused lousy/dangerous field conditions, not much could be found running the ball. Bell had 18 carries for 36 yards, but he also had four catches for 52 yards on five targets. That is what a complete back can do for you, provide you with some kind of return on your investment when the defense or conditions take away some of your gameplan. Le’Veon should be featured through the end of the year because the Steelers are still very much alive in the AFC playoff picture.

Christine Michael – Just a reminder here to all Marshawn Lynch owners to pick him up now if you haven’t already. Michael only had one carry for nine yards on Sunday; but he is the direct backup to Lynch. The way Lynch has been playing, you want to have your bases covered in case he gets hurt.

Andre Ellington – Many experts across the land had this game pegged as a chance for Ellington to finally, and for good, take over the lead back duties for the Cardinals. Boy were we wrong. Andre struggled mightily with eight carries for three yards and two catches for 10 yards. Has Jacksonville improved that much? I don’t think so. This was a big setback. Hopefully he can bounce back because Arizona is still very much in the NFC playoff picture and they could use some of his gamebreaking potential.

Dennis Johnson – The supposed No. 2 back behind Ben Tate only had two carries for two yards. With Tate and his ribs only going to get better, Johnson probably won’t see the field very much.

Montee Ball – Every item I read on the Broncos tells me that Ball could see more and more of the field the rest of the year to help keep Moreno fresh, and because Ball is pretty good at the goal line. Once again, Ball found the end zone, this time twice. Montee ended up with eight carries for 25 yards and two touchdowns and also had three catches for 16 yards on four targets. He did fumble again though, he needs to work on his ball security.

Knile Davis – Just like with Christine Michael above, this is just a reminder for you Jamaal Charles owners to pick this guy up. He only had three carries for 13 yards and one catch for 11 yards, but he is the backup to have on your bench for security.

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