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Rounds 3-5 Metric Rankings

Hello folks, I’m back to give you Rounds 3-5. Hopefully this hits the site for a very important draft period – the last weekend before the regular season.[Editor’s note: I can take a hint] Are you ready for some football?

I want to thank and apologize to those that follow me at the same time. I have been receiving great responses from many of you and many requests for more articles. For that I thank you. This has probably been one of the busiest weeks of my life – I write this as I get ready for my wedding tomorrow! Rehearsal tonight, honey do this and that list going all week, trying to work and take care of our two-month-old all at the same time! I have two hours until my best man gets here and we leave to pick up our tuxedos and begin the, eh em, festivities for the weekend. And for all of this I apologize – “You’re apologizing because you have your wedding?!” Well, I should’ve laughed at my fiancee when she suggested this weekend for our wedding! I even had to pre-draft all of my slow drafts I have remaining, which I hate doing.

So all of that being said, I really just haven’t had the time nor do I have the time today to get a full article out to you so this will be a condensed version without much commentary. Again, I apologize. 

Round 3 ADP
according to

25. Vincent Jackson
26. Peyton Hillis
27. Mike Wallace
28. Reggie Wayne
29. Miles Austin
30. DeSean Jackson
31. Peyton Manning
32. Dwayne Bowe
33. Ahmad Bradshaw
34. LeGarrette Blount
35. Antonio Gates
36. Jahvid Best

Round 3 Running Backs Metric Rankings

Peyton Hillis – 66.66

Ahmad Bradshaw – 59.41

LeGarrette Blount – 48.70

Jahvid Best – 47.05

Round 3 Wide Receiver Metric Rankings

Mike Wallace – 64.68

Vincent Jackson – 63.92

Reggie Wayne – 63.08

Dwayne Bowe – 59.19

Miles Austin–54.83

DeSean Jackson – 49.70 – Has the name, but inconsistencies and not catching a lot of balls really hurts his metric value in points per reception leagues.

Round 3 Tight End Metric Rankings

Antonio Gates – 72.09 – If you believe his foot is good, he’s far and away the most valuable tight end by a full eight points over the next tight end (Jason Witten). As you can see his score pegs him as more valuable than anyone else in this round, except Peyton Manning. That being said, I have passed on him in all my drafts this season as from what I understand Plantar Fasciitis never truly goes away, it’s more of a pain management issue. I’m not a doctor but I played one on TV once – So even though he may be looking fine right now after nine-plus months of rest I’m saying buyer beware. I think his playing status will be a headache come mid-season. It pains me to say it as he’s one of my favorite players, but he’s essentially on my do not draft except at extreme value list.

Round 3 Quarterback Metric Rankings

Peyton Manning – 87.04 – Even with a negative situation score because of his neck, Manning falls firmly in the third ranking in the metrics system. I was recently in one of my money drafts and he fell to me at 5.09 in a 10-teamer (Pick 49, 18 picks after his average draft position for those mathematically inept). I’m laughing all the way to the bank. Let the scare tactics and sensationalist journalists scare your opponents, not you. This guy is a competitor and will be on the field this season. Even if he’s not on the field until Week 3 you still have Manning for the rest of the season for a fifth- round pick! I personally think he’ll be on the field in Week 1. He wants it to be his decision and if the team OKs that, he’ll be out there.

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