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Rules to Live By

your time has come!

  If you have not
finalized your league rules yet, it’s about time to make that final push to the
end zone and finish your preparations for the big draft.

  As a bonus for those of you who have
patiently waited this long to put the finishing touches on your league, here
are five rules to consider (or re-consider) to make your league the best it can


Gotta Catch Em’ All


you down with PPR?

  A points per
reception (“PPR” to the sharks out there) rule awards owners a delicious
additional point for each reception made by their players.

  This rule spices up the draft and league play
by (somewhat) evening the playing field between running backs and wide
receivers (and to a lesser extent, tight ends).

 With a PPR in place, drafting at least one
possession receiver like TJ Houshmandzadeh becomes critical in creating a
fantasy juggernaut.

  Proud Wes Welker PPR
owners enjoyed the spoils of his 112 completions last season, if you catch my draft (Sorry,
I just couldn’t resist).



rule may also have a surprising impact on running back values.

  Reggie Bush, who had 73 receptions in 2007,
suddenly becomes strong second round consideration.

  In contrast, Laurence Maroney, who somehow only
managed to complete four paltry receptions in 2007 suddenly doesn’t look so
appetizing until maybe the fourth.

the plunge and you’ll never go back to standard scoring.

  Get the point?

  (The puns are growing on you, I can tell.)




Don’t Be So Defensive


3 and 6 on Minnesota’s own 20 yard line, and Tarvaris Jackson throws a lollipop
that is intercepted and ran back for a touchdown.

  You curse the heavens as your stellar Viking
Defense and Special Teams are penalized for allowing seven points.

   But should they be?

  No way!

Many leagues like CBS Sportsline have the option to choose “Defensive
Points Against” instead of “Points Against, Total Points Scored.”

  This subtle change can truly highlight the
skill of powerhouse defensives.

  You just
better hope that when the quarterback of your Defense throws a pick, it gets
run in for the score instead of falling short a few hash marks from the end




Fraction Control


all been there.

  With less than two
minutes to go, you are dripping with sweat.

The offense is running out the clock, and your running back is one yard
away from receiving a possible game-deciding additional crucial point.

  But he doesn’t get it.

  You stare at your laptop with disgust.

  89 yards?!

Was one more lousy yard so much to ask for?

  Apparently it was.

  Then, you wonder, why should a guy who rushes
for 89 yards receive the same number of points as another who rushes for 80?



  You can fix this with a rule
change, and you don’t even need a PhD in quantum physics to make the adjustment.

  For running and receiving, adjust your
standard 1 point for 10 yard to .1 point for 1 yard.

  Then to get your quarterbacks in on the
action adjust your standard 1 point for 25 passing yards to .04 points for 1


  Your fourth grade math teacher would be




Waiver of Love


have never understood rules designed to award failure.

  In most leagues if you are the cellar
dweller, you get first crack on the waiver wire.

  That means if you are the top team in your
league each week, you get the absolute last pick every waiver period.

  In one league last season I watched my first
place team starve for improvements while lowly chum nabbed every top delectable
free agent I had my eyes set on.

get punished just for being shark!

your waiver resets to “Never, Also Based on Prior Waver Runs” and give all
owners the option to get the best available free agents.

  If you think this is too coldblooded, maybe
there is site more to your liking.





Last But Not Least


I indicated in my August 1st, “Show Me the Money Column,” I love
playing in fantasy money leagues.

you’re the kind of shark who likes to take the plunge, you may have found
yourself frustrated with owners who pack it in as soon as they realize they are
mathematically eliminated from playoff consideration.

  Don’t let these guys off the hook so easily!

  Institute a pricey penalty for finishing in
last place and keep the owners in your league honest.

  At the very least, it will add a little green
to the final pot.



you have a rule suggestion that other sharks might be interested in

  Talk about it in our

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