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Rumors Rumbling

Let’s look at one of the rumors floating around….

(imagine this as tomorrows headline)

Jerry Jones makes the move….

Reports are coming in from the ranch that the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones made a deal to move Julius Jones and Marion Barber III as well as Dallas’s 1st round pick in 2008 to KC forAll-Pro Running Back Larry Johnson. Jones has just made another bold move at a very good time, following a draft were they got what could be a top 5 pick in 2008 in many peoples eyes. Thenhe pulls off this trade during the offseason, where it’s been rumored that Larry Johnson would be holding out. This leaves them with Clevelands 1st round pick in 2008 and Larry Johnson. Nota bad offseason for the Cowboys and their fans. I’m sure many people will be changing somepreseason predictions based on this transaction.


Let’s Analyze this trade from a this angle:


First, Jerry Jones wants to win and he wants to win now. He knows that in Dallas, Larry Johnsonwould be a dominant force, that is surrounded by a highly talented team. That being said all this talentshould push the Cowboys closer to the Super Bowl and a showdown with pre-trade favorite the New England Patriots. When the Cowboys acquired Larry Johnson, HC Wade Phillips knew he only needed to get Larry 20-25 carries a game to be effective within this offense. An offense that includes Terrell Owens, Terry Glenn, Jason Whitten and Tony Romo. All of these players just got a major boost when they walk onto the field with this guy. LJ is a game breaker like his partner on the field TO, with these 2 guys on the field together, all I need to say is get some rest now all you DC’s your gonnaneed it.

Now the good stuff for us Fantasy Football guys, this trade is huge for us I believe this would make LJ and even better back then he already is, and it shouldn’t have a major affect the value of JJ or MBIII. Beyond that it impacts everyone else on this offense making them a more viable weapon. The main thing it does is it takes carries away from LJ without limiting his performance. The reduced workload should prolong his career and increase his chances to win a Super Bowl. He had a average offense in KC with a few good weapons and a solid line, but no where near the talent level he will play with in Dallas. What he moves into in Dallas is much more high-powered offense with a growing line. This should increase the overall stats for each of these players since the defenses cant be key in on 1 guy. It should also give us a few more options at key points in this years draft. In my opinion Tony Romo gets a huge boost from this addition and could be the one that sees the biggest increase out of anyone on either team. With the addition of LJ he takes this takes alot of pressure off of Romo’s shoulders and allows him a fiercerunning attack to go with a lethal passing game. LJ and Owens will be the main focal points for most defensesto try and contain. That should leave alot of openings for the likes of Glenn and Whitten to see some good matchups in coverage.

Romo Prediction 3900 yards 30tds/10 ints and another trip to the pro bowl.

Owens Predictions 80 rec. 1250 yards 14 TD’s

Glenn Predictions 70 rec 1100 yards 7 TD’s

Whitten 60 rec 800 yards 3 TD’s

LJ 1700 yards 17 TD’s 35 rec 500 yards 4 TD’s

This trade still leaves Dallas, with the pick they got from Cleveland so they have a very good shot at a top prospect in next years draft to add to this team. So this trade doesn’t handcuff them next yearon draft day.

Now, this is all a rumor but it leaves something for us to look at and pick apart…

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