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Runningbacks with a Favorable SOS

I have made a list of a few players who could make or break your season based on strength of schedule. Remember, even though a player has good strength of schedule, it is wise to draft a

who has displayed a proven record. This is not to say that you should not take chances, but minimize your risks. However, you cannot win a championship without taking risks. The following are players who could have a break out season based on SOS.



Jamaal Charles

Kansas City
) – He is a third-year player who showed flashes of fantasy super stardom last season. He rushed for 1,120 yards with seven touchdowns. He also caught 40 passes for 297 yards and one touchdown. He has the No. 1 spot on the strength of schedule. I think he is poised for fantasy greatness. He should go in the first or second round.



Justin Forsett

) – He came out of nowhere last season and rushed for 619 yards with four touchdowns. He also caught 41 passes for 350 yards with one touchdown. His name is slowly moving up on fantasy websites. He is a player who could be drafted way too early or too late. He has the No. 2 spot on the strength of schedule. At one time, he was behind

LenDale White
, but White’s lack of commitment to the game cost him a roster spot. He will compete with the often injured

Julius Jones

Leon Washington

is still recovering from a shattered leg. Watch this guy.



Frank Gore

San Francisco
) – At age 27, he is entering his sixth season. He rushed for 1,120 yards with 10 touchdowns. He caught 52 passes for 406 yards with three touchdowns. Those are some impressive numbers. His team was starting to open things a little last season. He faces the No. 3 spot on the strength of schedule. Gore enjoyed his most productive season since 2006. What is most impressive is that he carried the ball only 229 times. He averaged more fantasy points than Ray Rice.


Before you decide to use a magazine’s cheat sheets, take the time to study for yourself. The strength of schedule is like a crystal ball. I would hate to see anyone draft a player with high expectations to only find out later that he will face a challenging strength of schedule.


The following is a list of players whose strength of schedule could limit their success. Don’t be surprised. 



LeSean McCoy

) – He is a second-year back that came out of nowhere to fantasy greatness in his brief appearance last season. He runs behind an effective offensive line and has a solid surrounding cast. He posted 637 yards with four touchdowns and caught 40 balls for 308 yards with no touchdowns. Don’t expect him to have a breakout sophomore season. He will face the No. 30th SOS. Sure he could prove me wrong, but it is too much to ask for a second-year player to face tough run defenses, week after week. Fantasy owners be very careful.


2. Matt Forte (

) – Nobody wants this guy to bounce back more than myself due to the fact that I am a Bears fan. It will not happen this year. He will has the 29th ranked SOS, but he will also be digesting a new offensive system. His receptions could increase if

Jay Cutler
doesn’t have a full understanding of this complex offense. Don’t set your sights too high.



Maurice Jones-Drew

) – He is coming off a season where he posted career bests in many categories. One thing that will hurt him is the fact that the Jaguars do not have a back that complements him well. There are times throughout the season, where he will physically wear down. This offense revolves around him. He will be facing the 21st ranked SOS in 2010. He had more than 300 carries last year. History has proven that backs who see that much action tend to wear down. Drafting him at the right spot in the draft would be great, but don’t draft him too high.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog and learning the importance of studying the strength of schedule. Good luck!

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