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SCOUTING PROFILE: Daniel Jones, QB, Duke

Daniel Jones, Quarterback, Duke   #17

Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 220 pounds
Birthdate (Age): 5/27/1997 (21)
Arm Length:  33 1/4”
Hand Size: 9 3/4”
40 Time: 4.81

College Stats

Year Att. Comp. Comp. % Yards TD INT Rush Att. Rush Yds. Rush TD Sacks
2018 237 392 60.5 2674 22 9 104 319 3 28
2017 257 453 56.7 2691 14 11 161 518 7 28
2016 270 430 62.8 2836 16 9 141 486 7 29

Critical Factors

Mental Processing

While he did play in a pro-style type offense under David Cutcliffe, he did not make many reads or changes at the line of scrimmage before the snap. Marginal ability to read and react to blitzes on a consistent basis. Most of the play calls were out of the no-huddle while looking to the sideline.

Competitive Toughness

Returned to the field from a broken collarbone injury early in the season within three weeks. Shows physical toughness to also come back from a nasty turned ankle in bowl game vs. Temple. Good leader who is an uplifting teammate especially for when his backup scores instead of him. Did have a tendency to miss on throws in key third-down situations early in the season, but got better as the season progressed.

Athletic Ability

Solid athletic ability to create some yards with his feet. Shows solid quickness and explosiveness for the position, combined with good balance and agility in the pocket.

Play Strength

Solid play strength to stay up in the pocket through contact and get accurate throws off. He is not easy to bring down when he is able to see the pressure coming. Solid as a runner in the open field and does not shy away from contact, even against linebackers.

Play Speed

Solid play-speed overall to make quick decisions with the ball as a passer as well as an ability to get the edge vs. linebackers as a runner on read option plays. Does tend to pump-fake and question what he sees when flushed out of the pocket from pressure.

Position Specifics


Shows solid accuracy by putting the ball where only his guy can get it on outside throws such as back-shoulder. Good accuracy when throwing on the run and rolling outside the pocket on a bootleg. At his best throwing against Zone Coverage as he is able to more consistently throw runner’s balls and help his receiver create yards after the catch. Accuracy does dip greatly when his footwork is effected in the pocket. Adequate accuracy when trying to put extra gas or zip behind an intermediate pass.


Marginal poise in the pocket as he speeds up his thought process and footwork when pressured leading to errant throws. Marginal ability to feel pressure from behind especially when looking out to his left for a receiver and pressure comes from the offense’s right side. Has a tendency to pump and pat the ball while second guessing his decision when under pressure.

Decision Making

Overall, makes solid decisions and takes care of the ball well as a passer when he is kept clean. As touched on above, he is a marginal decision maker under pressure often just lobbing up the ball into coverage to try and avoid a sack. Can be slow to make a read and make the right decision on read-option run plays.

Arm Strength

Shows a solid ability to push the ball up to 40+ yards down the field. Is able to put solid zip on intermediate passes over the middle of the field. Also, shows good zip on 15+ yard throws while on the run. Displays adequate arm strength on long throws along the sideline (out routes, comebacks, etc.) as the ball is in the air quite awhile before it reaches its target on such throws.

Extend Plays

Uses solid athletic ability and play strength to stay upright and avoid the pass rush — when he is able to read it. Does a solid job of keeping his eyes down-field and looking for targets when moving around the pocket. Shows good ability to create yards on the ground as a designed runner or as a scrambler. Struggles to navigate a muddy pocket especially when pressure is coming up the middle.


Shows the ability to throw from different arm slots without sacrificing his accuracy. Has a bit of a windup in his throwing motion- not enough to be a consistent problem, but could lead to some sack/fumbles early in his NFL career. Inconsistent and slow footwork on wide receiver screen passes leading to very inconsistent accuracy and ball placement on such throws.


Shows solid touch to all areas of the field, but especially on his deep throws. He is able to drop the ball in the bucket over the defender on vertical throws 15+ yards down the field.


Jones started all 36 career games he played in during his three year career at Duke. He did suffer a broken collar bone early in 2018 which caused him to miss three games. He is an underrated athlete at the position with solid quickness, balance, and agility to be effective, navigating the pocket and creating yards on the ground. He shows good accuracy to all levels of the field if he is kept clean from pressure. Accuracy and decision making dip significantly against the pressure, especially from up the middle. Does not force the ball into coverage unless he is being pressured. Shows solid arm strength to all levels of the field when throwing over the middle. However, his outside throws along the sideline are in the air awhile which will cause problems versus quicker, better defensive backs in the NFL. Overall, he has all the tools to be a successful franchise quarterback in the NFL. Would benefit sitting behind a veteran during his rookie season and work to improve his footwork. He will fit best in a short passing game system that relies more on timing and accuracy.

Grade:  QB4. Top of Second Round.

Projection:  First. Top 20 Pick.



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