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SCOUTING PROFILE: DK Metcalf, WR, Mississippi

DK Metcalf, Wide Receiver, Mississippi   #14

Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 228 pounds
Birthdate (Age): 12/14/1997 (21)
Arm Length:  34 7/8”
Hand Size: 9 7/8”
40 Time: 4.33

College Stats

Year Receptions Yards Long YPC TD
2018 26 569 75 21.9 5
2017 39 646 71 16.6 7
2016 2 13 10 6.5 2

Critical Factors

Athletic Ability

Superb athlete with excellent size/speed combination. Shows solid acceleration and good straight line speed. Solid balance to keep feet through tackles and traffic after the catch. Marginal quickness and change of direction due to a lack of hip flexibility.

Play Speed

Very fast foot speed to run away from defenders vertically. Marginal play speed when running routes over the middle due to his marginal quickness and lack of desire to make plays over the middle. Has a tendency to slow down even more through the traffic over the middle as he tries to avoid contact.

Mental Processing

Marginal mental processing while running routes. Doesn’t work his way back to the quarterback or get himself open during scramble drill. Also struggles to consistently leave enough space along the sideline on vertical routes to make throws easier for his quarterback.

Competitive Toughness

Solid competitive toughness as he played through multiple injuries throughout his career. However, he does have a tendency to come off the line of scrimmage much slower when he knows he is not the primary target.

Play Strength

Very good play strength as a blocker for the position. Manhandles defensive backs and smaller linebackers with ease as a blocker in the run or screen games. Would like to see him use play strength and his big frame more to get separation at the top of his stem.

Position Specifics


Solid release and acceleration when given a free release by the defender. Shows solid hands and feet to avoid the press quickly to get into his stem. Quick feet for a bigger receiver to set up multiple breaks at the snap and keep his defender off balance without taking too long to get into the route stem.

Separation Quickness

Does not create consistent separation. Only route he is able to consistently create separation is the comeback route after running multiple vertical routes on defenders to set it up. Shows some ability to create space on routes over the middle on the few chances he has due to his good acceleration. Did not run many routes to showcase separation ability- mainly stuck to vertical, screen, and comeback routes.


Displays solid hands to makes catches away from his body. Has a big catch radius due to his big frame and long arms. Tracks the ball and adjusts his body well on vertical throws over his shoulder. Can go up and snatch the ball high above his head. Will lose concentration at times while trying to turn up-field too quickly to get yards after the catch and drop the ball.

Adjust/Body Control

Solid ability to adjust body to off target passes especially when pushing the route vertically. Solid body control to keep feet in-bounds on catches along the sideline for a bigger receiver.

Yards after the Catch

Is a monster after the catch due to his speed/size/strength combination. Very good ability to run through multiple tackles from defenders and keep his balance. Shows a nasty stiff arm as well as the speed to run away from defenders. Can be slow to get turned back up the field on screen passes.


Does not like to run routes over the middle as he looks to avoid contact and play speed decreases severely. Struggles to make catches through contact despite good play strength and a big frame even against much smaller defensive backs.


Metcalf started 19-of-21 career games in his three years at Mississippi. He has suffered many injuries throughout his career including season ending injuries in 2016 (broken foot) and 2018 (neck). He is a freak of an athlete as shown by his combine performance (27 Bench Reps of 225 lbs, 4.33 40 yard dash, 40.5″ Vertical Jump). Was limited to mostly vertical routes in college while running comeback routes and screens off of that; rarely ran routes over the middle with sharp breaks. Thus, he will need to develop his route running to get better separation at the top of his stem and out of his breaks. Also needs to learn how to use his frame and physical gifts to make catches through contact at the next level. Needs to be in the right system in order to be successful early in his career and is more of a developmental prospect for such a top prospect.

Grade:  WR3. Top of Second Round.

Projected Round: First. Top 15 Pick.

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