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SCOUTING PROFILE: Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Kyler Murray, Quarterback, Oklahoma #1

Height: 5-foot-10
Weight: 207 pounds
Birthdate (Age): 8/7/1997 (21)
Arm Length:  28 1/2”
Hand Size: 9 1/2”
40 Time: n/a

College Stats

Year Comp. Att. Comp. % Yards TD INT Rush Att. Rush Yds. Rush TD Sacks
2018 260 377 69.0 4361 42 7 140 1001 12 18
2017 18 21 85.7 359 3 0 14 142 0 0
2015 72 121 59.5 686 5 0 53 335 1 8

Critical Factors

Mental Processing

Was not asked to read much of the defense pre-snap in college or make many checks at the line of scrimmage. Has good instincts when running to avoid defenders and knows when to protect his body by sliding or slithering out of bounds. Does have some miscommunications on routes and ball placements with his receivers when he is trying to get the ball out of his hands too quickly.

Competitive Toughness

Good competitive toughness who plays his best in the biggest games and moments. Does have a tendency to give up on a play too early to avoid taking a hit, but does show physical toughness at times to take defenders head on and fight for extra yards when his team desperately needs it.

Athletic Ability

Has elite athletic ability for the quarterback position. Displays elite explosiveness and quickness in the open field to straight run around defenders and destroy the pursuit angles of defenders as a runner. Also shows very good agility and balance in the pocket and as a runner. Consistently looks like the fastest player and one of the best athletes on the field in every game in which he has played.

Play Strength

Does not take on many blocks or defenders electing to go to the ground first before getting hit, either in the pocket or as a runner. Poor play strength as a defender can bring him down rather easily if able to get one hand on him (that is quite a big IF though).

Play Speed

Just looks to be moving at a faster speed on the field than anyone else. No better example of this than his ability to read and make a decision on read option plays within the first step or two of the defender.

Position Specifics


Solid accuracy to the short and intermediate areas, but ball placement can be an issue on crossing or hook routes over the middle. He doesn’t always put the ball in the best spot for his receiver to maximize the yards after the catch. Good accuracy on deep throws with the ability to consistently drop the ball in the bucket along the sideline. Doesn’t need a clean pocket to keep his accuracy. Also displays good accuracy while throwing on the run on rollout and scramble drill passes. Does tend to miss high and have errant throws when he tries to put a little extra mustard on his passes.


Solid ability to stay calm under pressure in the pocket as he trusts his elite athleticism to get him out of tough situations. Adequate pocket presence though as he struggles to feel pressure and move in the pocket at times especially when the pressure is coming from his blind side. Will look to run early at times if his first couple of reads aren’t open even if there isn’t much pressure being applied. Did start seeing ghosts and sped up his processes quite a bit when pressured early and often against Alabama.

Decision Making

Is a very good decision maker. Rarely forces the ball into tight coverage or into a situation that could lead to a turnover. Makes decisions very quickly as he reads defenses post snap and gets the ball out of his hand super quick. Also, shows good anticipation to lead a receiver into an open window on their route. However, he was in an offense that made the reads and throws very easy and got receivers wide open consistently.

Arm Strength

Solid arm strength to make all the throws needed at the next level, including long comeback routes along the sideline. Can get some solid zip behind his short and intermediate throws and fit the ball into fairly tight windows when needed. Shows solid ability to push the ball 40-plus yards deep down the field on vertical throws. Does tend to put a lot of air under his deep passes that he may not be able to get away with as much against NFL defensive backs.

Extend Plays

Excellent ability to keep plays alive due to his elite athleticism. Hard for any defenders to get a hand on him either in the pocket or the open field. Will keep play alive for the pass if his team is down and needs the chunk play, but is more likely to drop eyes and run at the first sign of pressure. Does need to work on ball security at the next level as he can get really loose with the ball and allow it to get too far from his body when he is scrambling and running.


Solid mechanics overall. Uses good base, footwork and core strength to get more torque and zip on intermediate throws. Very quick, over-the-top delivery that gets the ball out of his hands super quick once he makes a decision. Does have a bit of a baseball type wind up where he allows the ball to get low in his throwing motion, but it is mitigated some by the fact that his motion is super quick.


Shows ability to put great touch on all of his throws as needed. As stated before, almost puts too much touch on some of his deep throws, but is able to consistently drop the ball in the bucket. Also realizes he has a smaller frame and puts good touch on short screen passes to get the ball over the defensive lineman barreling down.


Murray was a one year starter at Oklahoma after transferring from Texas A&M after his freshman season. Started 17-of-29 career games at the two schools without missing any time due to injuries. Also played baseball at Oklahoma where he was drafted in the Top 10 of the MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics. Has elite athleticism for the position and was arguably the best athlete on the field in every game in 2018. Showed good decision making in college offense that simplified his reads, good accuracy to all levels of the field, and solid arm strength. Throws a very good deep ball but would like to see him throw it with a little less air. Overall, he is an electric athlete who can start right away and will immediately become one of the more dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL. The biggest question with him is if he is fully committed to football for his entire career given his talent level in baseball as well.

Grade: QB2, Top 15 pick.

Projected Round: First. Top 7 pick.

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