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Seadog Week #4

Howdy Sharkfans! Did I mention something about the



team defense last week? I think ol’ Seadog had better keep to the IDP stuff….Hey, how about those

Cowboys? …


Not too much fluff this week so I’ll just get right into it. Here are some of what I consider to be good match-ups for week #4. I try to take a look at some lesser known guys each week, but if the match-up is real good then I’m bound to mention anyone.


Don’t forget the byes this week:

Titans, Saints, Redskins, Jaguars


DT – Kelly Gregg BAL

Cleveland just isn’t a good team. Gregg is due for a big week. This should be a good match-up.


DE – Mark Anderson CHI

– Hey Jon Kitna, how’s that offensive line holding up for you?

Anderson is a solid play every week as a DE, but this should be a nice week for him as

Detroit is giving up the sacks.


DE – Marcus Spears DAL

– I don’t have much confidence in the Ram’s offensive line either this week.

Dallas will be looking to apply the heat to Bulger. Spears’ IDP production can be a little up and down, but he makes a good play this week.


LB – John DiGorgio BUF

– Like an idiot I got rid of this guy on a couple of teams last week before Sunday. With Posluszny out for the rest of the year with a broken wrist, DiGorgio gets to take over for him in the middle.

Buffalo’s defense is in shambles right now. DiGorgio will get IDP points by osmosis all most.


LB –




– Hill isn’t going to be the IDP star for the Seahawks, but he’s got some steady numbers working for him. Four or five tackles and a sack aren’t out of the question against the 49ers.


LB – Cato June TB

– June’s IDP numbers have declined since he left Indianapolis, but I like this match-up this week against Carolina. I picked him up off of waivers for Fantasyshark’s HAFAX team – we are desperate for LBs at the moment. I’m hoping for a good spot start out of him on Sunday.


LBs – Mike Vrabel and Adalius Thomas NE

New England has a very good defense and these guys are terrific players. However, I usually don’t get too excited about IDP points for any Patriot players. They tend to be sporadic and unpredictable. Much like my previous comments with Cato June, I think Vrabel and Thomas step it up on the Monday Night stage.


S – Madieu Williams CIN

– Williams should be playing for you unless you have a serious amount of depth on your IDP roster. This is a good match-up going against the Pats on Monday night.


S – Adrian Wilson ARI

Wilson is a stud but I’ve got to put him on my list this week. After a bit of a slow start, he’s going to ratchet it up a notch this week against Fast Willie and the Steelers. Never sit this guy.


CB – David Barrett NYJ

– I don’t watch a lot of New York Jet’s football, but in the IDP scorebook, Barrett is just a remarkably steady performer. Maybe it’s because of his ability or maybe it’s due to the Jet’s lack of ability, but regardless, I’ll take his points. He should be a decent play this week as well


CBs –

New York Giants,

St. Louis Rams, and

Chicago Bears

– Keep an eye on the starting DBs for all three of these teams this week. The Giants and the Bears are probably starting some young players due to injuries to their starters, and

Chicago especially is going to face a lot of passing from

Detroit. The Rams are going to just have their hands full with

Terrell Owens and

QB Tony Romo. Watch for the Ram CBs to be very busy in this game.


That’s a wrap of the Seadog Report heading into week #4. Thanks for reading – see you next week!


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