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Seadog’s IDP “Dud” List for 2007

Howdy Sharkfans! This week I’m going to take a quick look back at the 2007 fantasy football season and give you my “Dud” list for the IDPs that just didn’t live up to my expectations this year.

 Some of this loss of production may have been due to injury or perhaps a different coaching philosophy, but regardless, these guys all underperformed in my humble opinion. (Rankings are based on scoring from The Wall – our IDP-only league)


Seadog’s 2007 “Dud” list



While DTs shouldn’t make or break your fantasy IDP squad, these guys took some huge dives in ranking from 2006 to 2007.


Vonnie Holliday MIA

            2006 rank – #1

         2007 rank – #28

Jamal Williams SD


            2006 rank – #3

       2007 rank – #26

John Henderson JAX

        2006 rank – #11

     2007 rank – #30

Ryan Pickett GB

                2006 rank – #12

     2007 rank – #38


Out of these four players, I was kind of disappointed with

Henderson. Both he and Stroud have always been stalwart DTs but not this year.



Defensive Ends aren’t necessarily the epitome of IDP consistency from year to year, but these guys really didn’t live up to their hype at all.


Julius Peppers CAR

              2006 rank – #4

         2007 rank – #21

Derrick Burgess OAK

        2006 rank – #20

     2007 rank – #50

John Abraham ATL

           2006 rank – #79

     2007 rank – #41


Abraham actually improved from last year in the rankings, but he really never dominated much like he has in the past. I don’t know if injuries have taken their toll with him or what, but he isn’t the same John Abraham that used to play for the Jets.



Wow, there were certainly some eye-openers when I took a look at this….these guys cost a lot of fantasy owners this season


Lance Briggs CHI

                 2006 rank – #3

         2007 rank – #33

Keith Bulluck TEN

             2006 rank – #5

       2007 rank – #38

Antonio Pierce NYG

          2006 rank – #7

       2007 rank – #34

Bart Scott BAL

                  2006 rank – #20

     2007 rank – #56

Demorrio Williams ATL

    2006 rank – #48

     2007 rank – #68

Omar Gaither PHI

            2006 rank – #93

     2007 rank – #46


Briggs and Bulluck killed a lot of teams this season (including mine). Demorrio and Lance both missed training camp and that may have played a part in their poor showing. I was extremely disappointed in Gaither this season – for a middle linebacker, he was pretty mediocre for IDP points.



Just three guys here for this category, but all three kind of stood out to me when I was taking a look at the actual numbers….


Rhonde Barber TB

                2006 rank – #1

         2007 rank – #27

Antrel Rolle ARI


                 2006 rank – #6


    2007 rank – #31

Phillip Buchanon TB

          2006 rank – #97

    2007 rank – #34


Barber dropped about 80 points from 2006 to 2007 – that’s a huge drop off no matter how you slice it. I put Buchanon on this list only for the fact that in week #16 he actually had a negative one (-1) score. How in the world does an IDP get a -1? That’s embarrassing.



These three guys went into free fall this year, and Roy Williams just never lived up to my expectations.


Chris Hope TEN

                     2006 rank – #1

         2007 rank – #58

Brian Dawkins PHI

               2006 rank – #4

       2007 rank – #78

Kerry Rhodes NYJ

                2006 rank – #5

       2007 rank – #22

Roy Williams DAL

             2006 rank – #38

     2007 rank – #20


Hope and Dawkins get a bit of a break because they missed some games due to injury. The fact remains, however, that they weren’t doing so hot when they were active. With the addition of Ken Hamlin, Williams should have been a top 10 IDP safety this season. I’m not buying it next year….


Well, that’s a wrap of another Seadog Report. Thanks for joining me with a look at my “Dud” list. This is by no means exhaustive – I’m sure there are more names that could be up there as well, but that discussion is for another day. I’m aiming for a “stud” list with my next Seadog Report, so keep a look out for it – Thanks for reading!



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