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Seadog’s Week #15

Howdy Sharkfans! Week #15 is upon us, and most of fantasy football is in playoff mode right now. If you are fortunate enough to be in the post-season, then you should have a pretty good handle as to who is going to perform for you or not. What I’d like to do the next couple of weeks is to take a look back at the 2007 season and also maybe take a look ahead to next season. I’d suggest checking out the Hive or the IDP forum for any help needed with IDP recommendations this week.


So, having said that, I’m going to take a look back at the team I assembled for The Wall – Fantasyshark’s IDP-only league. Team Seadog finished with a 6-7-1 record, which is a far cry from when I won the championship last year. My team just didn’t perform as I expected and I can’t help but get a little analytical about why I ended up that way.


Team Seadog 2007 – The Wall


DT – Darnell Dockett ARI

– Dockett was actually one of my strongest position players this season. I knew that he would be playing some DE and I wanted to take advantage of that as DEs tend to put up slightly better numbers than DTs. Dockett is currently the #2 ranked DT in The Wall. My hunch proved right in this case.


DT – Tommy Kelly OAK

– I picked Kelly for the same reason I picked Dockett – some DE action for a DT player. He was performing pretty decently early on, but he got hurt in week #8 and was lost for the season. At that point, I had to get rid of him and in doing so, I modified my strategy to go with just one DT and three DEs . I figured that I would load up at another position that would give me more points. Looking back on it now, this type of roster was what I had used the year before. I probably should have stuck with it again this season.  


DE – Trent Cole PHI

– This turned out to be another great pick for me. Last season I had a really strong DE in Leonard Little that I could pretty much count on each week. I wasn’t convinced that Cole would be that player for me this year, but he has performed above my expectation.


DE –

Mark Anderson CHI

Anderson seemed to be another solid choice at DE as he was coming off of a fine rookie year. He managed to tantalize me with a solid week #1 showing, but after that he was hugely disappointing. I decided to get rid of him after week #8 as I couldn’t take it anymore. I probably carried him on my team a little too long.


DE –




– Tapp was my “sleeper” pick at DE this season. He was a sleeper all right. I couldn’t afford to carry him so he got cut after the 2nd week. It looks like he didn’t do to bad after Swarm picked him up in week #8; His team is going to the playoffs – go figure.


DE –




– I think at one point I was going with a two DT / two DE roster. Looking back on things, I like having a maximum of four DLs on my roster – I need to remember that for next year. I picked up Kerney in week #12 and he decided to blow up – excellent timing for me. He wasn’t producing much before that. I guess that was a pretty good late season acquisition on my part, too bad the rest of the team couldn’t keep up.


LB – Keith Bulluck TEN –

Bulluck was the #2 pick of the draft and he is currently the 45th ranked linebacker in the Wall. What a huge disappointment he has been for me. While a draft shouldn’t be won or lost in the first round, this one hurt.


LB – Gary Brackett


I’ve had Brackett as an IDP on several of my teams the past couple of years, and all the guy has done is produce. He was a 3rd round pick for me this year and he has been the anchor of my team. No complaints from me with this guy.


LB – Derrick Johnson KC

– I picked Johnson hoping he’d be a nice #3 or #4 LB for me this year. Because of Bulluck’s lack of production, I found that I needed to rely on him more as a #2 LB for me. His production just didn’t warrant #2 LB status. This was a major part of the problem with my team this year.


LB – Channing Crowder MIA

– An up and coming young talent, I picked Crowder basically for a 4th LB with the chance that he might slide over to the MLB position if something were to happen to Zach Thomas. Well Thomas got hurt and Crowder moved to the middle. Even so, his numbers were less than spectacular. He wasn’t terrible for me, but I’d have to say I’m not too excited to try to get him on my team again in the future.


LB – Omar Gaither PHI

– This was a big choice for me (in the 5th round I think) and it never panned out. I thought Gaither had sleeper written all over him, but as it turned out he was pretty mediocre for a MLB.


LB – Coy Wire BUF and Robert Thomas OAK

– I picked these guys up during the season because my linebackers just weren’t producing for me. Wire was a bust and I let him go. Thomas was giving me 10-12 points each week towards the end of the season…not good enough.


CB – Marlin Jackson


– Going into a draft, I try to be flexible, but there are certain guys I like to target.

Jackson was a player that I really wanted for my team this year and I was able to snag him in the later rounds. This turned out to be a great acquisition as

Jackson was the 8th overall CB in the Wall this year.


CB –




– I really thought the NFC West would be a big passing division and in light of that, I was figuring

Jennings would put up a lot of numbers as teams stayed away from Trufant.

Jennings was okay, but not what I thought he’d be – I ended up cutting him during the middle of the season.


CB – Leon Hall CIN

– I picked up Hall during the season and he was okay – nothing spectacular. I was trying to upgrade with my DBs since my LBs were not carrying their weight, but I couldn’t get it done with Hall.


CB – Sam Madison NYG

Madison had some excellent numbers, but I picked him up too late in the game.


CB – Carlos Rogers WAS and Antrel Rolle ARI

– I used these guys a couple of weeks, but neither was really a factor for my team.


S – Roy Williams DAL

– I took “Capt. Horse-collar” with my 2nd pick in the draft and that turned out to be a major mistake. Williams never lived up to my expectations and he ended up riding the bench on my team towards the end of the season. Both Williams and Bulluck really hurt my team a lot this year.


S – Erik Coleman NYJ

– He was adequate, but adequate isn’t going to always cut it in a league like the Wall. I had to get rid of him to try for more firepower.


S – Sammy Knight JAX

– Sammy was a great pick-up for me during the season. He produced better than I expected and helped carry my team a couple of weeks.


S – Stuart Schweigert OAK

– I picked him up just to see if I could recreate some of his magic from last year for me. He didn’t crack my starting line-up I don’t believe.


S – Anthony Smith PIT

– Smith guaranteed a championship for me this year….uhm, yeah….okay…..Seriously, I think his future will be pretty good once he gets some experience under his belt.


So, I guess as I look back at my season in the Wall this year, I’d have to say that my biggest downfall was having too many average linebackers on my squad. I needed one or two of them to step up and fill Bulluck’s underperforming shoes and it just didn’t happen. I probably shouldn’t have stuck with some of these guys for as long as I did during the season as well, and when I did decide to overhaul, there just wasn’t much available. Congrats to Swarm, SoCal, Decktard, and JBG for making the playoffs – may the best team win!


Well, that’s a wrap of another Seadog Report. Thanks for joining me with a bit of a look back at my mediocre season in the Wall. At least I learned something…. Thanks for reading – see you next week!



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