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Seadog’s Week #3

Howdy Sharkfans! I know that I’m an IDP guy and most of my writing on this website is IDP-related, but I just need to take a moment to say what’s up with the



team defense this year? I’ve got to say that even though it’s early, they’ve got my vote for most improved defense in the NFL this year. This should be a nice match-up this week against the Colt’s high-powered offense.


Well, enough of that team defense stuff. Here are some of what I consider to be good match-ups for week #3. I try to take a look at some lesser known guys each week, but if the match-up is real good then I’m bound to mention anyone.


DT – Kris Jenkins CAR and DE –  Mike Rucker CAR

– Of course don’t overlook


Peppers by any means, but

Atlanta is giving up a ton of sacks, so it might be a good time to go with one of these guys this week if you need some help at these positions.


DT – Vonnie Holliday MIA

– The Jets are another team that is giving up a good deal of sacks early on this season. I don’t always like to emphasize sacks for IDP points, but if you are playing DTs and DEs as part of your line-up, then sacks are going to be an area where you can build some points for that line-up slot. I like this match-up a lot this week.


DE – Jared Allen KC

– Allen is returning from his two game suspension and he seems loaded for bear, or should I say Vikings. He could be a little rusty, but he’s a premier IDP DL so you can’t sit him this week if you have him.

Tamba Hali is bound to see better chances with Allen playing as well.


LB – Derrick Johnson KC

– Sticking with the KC theme here, I really like what I’m seeing from Johnson right now. He’s playing the strongside slot, and I normally shy away from the SAM guys, but Johnson is chugging along with some pretty good point production. He’s going to benefit from Allen’s return too.


LB – A.J. Hawk GB

– If you remember last year, LT took a bit to get untracked for

San Diego to start the season. Then he exploded. This could be the week. I’m expecting a lot of Tomlinson against

Green Bay and that means that the Packer LBs are going to be busy. I think Hawk is better than

Nick Barnett, but they probably will both do pretty well.


LB – Karlos Dansby ARI

– I’m not a huge Arizona LB fan – they just never seem to put up steady numbers week to week. However, Dansby has gotten off to a good so far and he should get his share against the Ravens on Sunday.


LB – Demeco Ryans HOU and LB – Keith Bulluck TEN

– What in the world am I mentioning these guys for? These guys are your IDP studs. You play them every week (or you should anyways). Both of these guys were taken at the top of most IDP drafts this year, but in my opinion they haven’t put up those spectacular numbers yet that they are capable of. I think they both get untracked this week and put up huge points. Play them anyways, but let’s see them wreak some havoc!


S – Jermaine Phillips TB

– I honestly didn’t think Phillips would be starting this year even though he had a great IDP year last season. But, he’s playing and he’s producing. This should be a good match-up against the Rams this week.


S – Reggie Nelson JAX (R)

– Nelson is just a rookie, but he’s starting and he’s putting up some points. I think that the Bronco’s will try to test him this week, so this looks like a pretty good match-up. If you are in a dynasty league and Nelson is still available, then you want to get him on your team, because he’s got potential written all over.


CB – Ike Taylor PIT

– I’m not a huge Ike Taylor fan, but the guy can put up some excellent IDP points some weeks. I’m going with this pick as more of a gut call this week; it’s not the greatest match-up on paper, but I just have a sneaky suspicion that Taylor might do some damage against the 49ers.


CB – Antoine Winfield MIN

– Okay, okay, here I go again mentioning another stud in this week’s recommendations. This is more of just a shout out to someone who has been “layin’ the lumber” in IDP land. I wasn’t expecting him to be putting up the numbers that he has been this early in the season. Expect more of the same from him this week against KC.


Buffalo DBs

– The Bill’s are hurting everywhere on defense. It’s pretty much a given that Tom Brady is going to attack all of the Buffalo defensive secondary, especially if some of the Bill’s starters are sitting out. Check the injury report because guys like

Terrance McGee are listed on it, but this is a good week to play your Buffalo DBs if they aren’t hurt.


That’s a wrap of the Seadog Report this week. Hopefully, I was able to help out a few of you with my recommendations. IDPs are tough because the roster formats and scoring formats that they are used in can be so varied. Thanks for reading – see you next week!



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