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Seadog’s Week #6

Howdy Sharkfans! Week #5 was a wild one for me.

Darnell Dockett let me down – big time, but

Andre Carter was the play of the week at the DL slot. You have got to love the wonderful world of IDPs…


Well, here are some of what I consider to be good match-ups for week #6. I try to take a look at some lesser known guys each week, but if the match-up is real good then I’m bound to mention anyone.


Don’t forget the byes this week:

Bills, Broncos, Lions, Colts, Steelers, 49ers


DT – Mike Patterson PHI

– Patterson has been playing well this season and he’s put up slightly better than average IDP points at the DT position. I like this match-up against the Jet’s O-line.


DE – Luis Castillo SD

– This guy is due for some big IDP points and I think this could be the week against the Raiders on Sunday. The match-up is pretty good, but I’m going with a bit of a hunch on this one.


DE –




– Kerney is another guy who is due and I think he could be the key to success for

Seattle this week. The Saints are near the top of the league in pass attempts so

Seattle’s defensive line will need to apply the pressure and try to stop

Drew Brees and the rest of the Saint’s offensive attack.


DE – Jason Taylor MIA

Taylor is a stud DL and he’s still near the top this year. He’s been banged up a bit and his numbers are down from last season, but he should have another nice game against



LB – Leon Williams CLE

– Williams has been steadily putting up some decent IDP points each week and I look for that to continue. If you need a spot play for a 2nd or 3rd LB this week, he might be worth consideration.


LB – Omar Gaither PHI

– I’ve mentioned Gaither before and I think his stock is on the rise. I like this match-up versus the Jets this week.


LB –




– Lofa is a guy you shouldn’t be sitting, but I think he will have a better than usual week going against the Saints.


LB – Demorrio Williams ATL

– For those of you who have given up on Demorrio this year you might just want to re-evaluate, at least for this week. He’s been splitting time with Stephen Nicholas since the start of the season, but Nicholas is hurt with a high ankle sprain. William’s numbers went up some last week and I’m betting more of the same this week. This is a bit of a gamble, but if you need a spot play then this might be worth it.


S – Sammie Knight JAX

– I tried with Nelson last week, but Knight seems to be getting the points these days. He should make a solid fill-in this week.


S – Roy Williams and Ken Hamlin DAL

– The

Dallas secondary is going to be busy against the Pats on Sunday. You shouldn’t go wrong with these two guys in your line-up on Sunday.


CB Samari Rolle BAL

St. Louis will be throwing a lot against this

Baltimore defense. Rolle should get plenty of opportunities trying to defend the Ram’s wide-receivers.


CBs – Ellis Hobbs NE,

Asante Samuel NE, and Terrence Newman DAL

– Any one of these guys should have a lot of chances this week as the footballs will be flying in the Cowboys – Patriots game.


That’s a wrap of another Seadog Report. Hopefully, I was able to help out a few of you with some of my match-up suggestions. Thanks for reading – see you next week!




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