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Second Half Heroes

With six games in the books and owners in the middle of bye weeks, most teams need a shot of adrenaline going forward. I’ve put together a list of players that owners should either be able to find on the waiver wire or for dirt cheap from other owners. I’ve left off some popular names like
Joseph Randle
because, while I think he’ll be a solid spot start over the next couple weeks, I don’t expect him to be a stud for the rest of the season because DeMarco Murray’s
injury should only keep him out for a few weeks. I also left off
Nick Foles
name because it’s still unclear whether he’ll still be the Eagles starter once
Michael Vick

is fully healthy.

Before we get started, I want to acknowledge that almost every one of these players is high risk. They’re dirt cheap for a reason. Since they can be had at such a low cost though, if you have the roster space, it’s worth it to put one of these “Second Half Heroes” on your team.

Chris Ivory – I said a lot of negative things about Ivory earlier this season when he was being drafted as a starting RB2 or flex option. Several million injuries later, the bottom has fallen out on Ivory’s trade value and I’ve seen him hanging out on the waiver wire the last couple weeks.

Mike Goodson

tearing his ACL and being out for the season, the New York Jets backfield is now down to two. Ahead of Ivory on the depth chart is
Bilal Powell
whose been pretty unimpressive the last two weeks, rushing for 68 yards on 21 carries in that two-game span, averaging a pretty pedestrian 3.2 yards per carry. Ivory’s had far fewer opportunities than Powell, but in that two-game span has done more with less, rushing for 43 yards on eight carries, good for an impressive 5.3 yards per carry.

Ivory might be the most injury-prone player in the league but he’s playing better than Powell over the last couple of weeks and has a chance to move up the depth chart on a team built to run. With low expectations and zero risk, I’m picking up Ivory off the waiver wire.

Roddy White 
I know I’ve been preaching this for weeks now, but I still like White as a great buy-low option. Even after the bye week he’s not healthy and

he’s still not practicing
The only owners more bitter than
Roddy White

owners, at this point, are those who spent a fourth- and fifth- round pick on
Rob Gronkowski
White is a player you can buy at flea market prices and he has a chance to post WR1/2 numbers in the second half of the season, especially with
Julio Jones

out for the year. Stash him if you can.

Kris Durham – With
Nate Burleson

not expected to come back from his broken arm until
Week 10,

Kris Durham

has the chance to be a solid bye week replacement for the next month. Durham’s received 21 targets over the last two weeks, and last Sunday he had a career game with eight receptions for 83 yards. The week before that he posted a 3/30/1 stat line. Matthew Stafford’s
been looking the way of his old college teammate a lot,
gushing about his reliability
to reporters recently. With all the injuries at receiver, he’s worth a roster spot for needy teams.

Andre Brown – With all of the New York Giants’ running backs either injured or too old, the situation is ripe for Brown to take over rushing duties for the Giants when he returns as early as Week 10. I don’t know if he’s still available on your waiver, but if he is, it’s time to pick up a potential RB2, who has a chance to save some owners’ seasons over the final weeks and then throughout the playoffs.

Percy Harvin – All of the news about
Percy Harvin

recently has been positive. Coach Pete Carroll has been

by his progress. His actual return seems a couple weeks off, but when he gets back, he has huge potential to post WR2 numbers or better. I don’t know how many waiver wires are out there that still have him available but I’d check if I were you, especially if you’re an owner of one of the many high-profile receivers who’ve gone down to injury recently.

Jordan Reed – Anyone who’s watched rookie tight end
Jordan Reed

this season has come away impressed. He seems to get better each week and he’s an excellent bye week replacement and TE2 stash on your roster. He had a season-high 58 receiving yards last week and averaged 14.5 yards a catch. Check to see if he’s available, because, if he is, he won’t be available for long.

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti

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