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Second Half Zeroes

We’ve got a little over a month left of the regular season for most fantasy football leagues.  Five more weeks before the playoffs start, to be exact.  After seven weeks we all have a pretty good idea about which players are studs and which ones are busters. 

This article is about the busters, the Second Half Zeroes, who can drag a team down .  Here’s a list of players to avoid in the final five games of the season.  Avoid them in trades and if you own them, it might be time to start thinking about shipping them out and/or looking for other options.

The Dallas Cowboys Backfield plus Dez Bryant

As predicted in my preseason Bold Predictions, DeMarco Murray has been a big disappointment.  Plagued by injuries his entire career, including college, he missed Week 7 and all signs point to him missing this Sunday as well.  He still hasn’t topped 100 rushing yards since Week 1 and has two touchdowns on the season. 

Murray’s replacement Felix Jones has to be one of the biggest waiver wire busts of the year. All that hype last week for his allegedly tasty matchup against the Panthers and what does he come up with?  Seventy-four yards and a new injury.  He’s supposed to start this week with his strained neck and bruised knee but the odds of him actually finishing the game can’t be that high.

I’m avoiding both these guys for the rest of the season.  I’m also avoiding Dez Bryant, despite the fact that he’s had a couple excellent performances this season.  Don’t get me wrong.  Bryant is not a bust and he’s had a reasonably decent year. 

On the other hand, taking a look at Bryant’s last two weeks tells you a lot about him.  Two weeks ago he had his best game of the year with 13 receptions, 95 receiving yards and two touchdowns.  What did he do last Sunday? Two receptions for 14 receiving yards.  He also had a stellar Week 4 game against the Bears, going for over 100 receiving yards and a touchdown.  But what did he do two weeks before that?  Three catches for 17 yards in Week 2.

Bryant just isn’t consistent enough for me to want him on my squad.  No one’s asking him to break out for 100 receiving yards and a touchdown every week but the fact that he semi-regularly has games where he can score you two or four points is brutal.   

The Law Firm Benjarvus Green-Ellis

If the Law Firm isn’t a bust, he’s at least only a couple towns over.  After seven weeks he still has yet to rush for over 100 yards in a game and he only has two touchdowns.  He’s averaging about 61 rushing yards a game and without the touchdowns he’s hurting fantasy teams’ bottom line. He’s on a bye this week but he has some tough games ahead of him, especially in the fantasy playoffs against the Cowboys, Philly and the Steelers.  If you can get a reasonable price for him in a running back starved Fantasy Wonderland, pull the trigger.

Maurice Jones Drew

I think there’s a chance that MJD doesn’t play for the rest of the season.  He may be able to return for the fantasy playoffs but reports have him missing a large number of games.  He did have one great game against the Colts where he ran for 177 yards and a touchdown but besides that he’s been a bust, especially his last two weeks where he was averaging 47 rushing yards a game.  When MJD finally ended his holdout, his owners breathed a sigh of relief but now with his major injury, we’re looking at a Second Half Zero and a player, if he was drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round, who could be costing owners dearly.

The Green Bay Packers Backfield

Every Packers’ running back has been taking a turn this year being a Waiver Wire Wonder.  Last week it was Alex Green, who responded by boldly by rushing for 35 rushing yards on 20 attempts.  James Starks is due to have his moment in the sun and he’ll probably be next week’s Waiver Wire Wonder if Green continues to average 1.75 yards per carry. 

Starks is nothing to get excited about, either.  He was mediocre last year and was constantly injured just like he’s been hurt for most of the 2012 season.  You’d think being in arguably the best offense in the league, one of these guys could flourish, but somehow it just doesn’t happen.

Pierre Garcon

He had one 88 yard touchdown pass in the first game of the season.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  He’s one of the biggest free agent bust signings in Redskins history and there’s been quite a lot of them.  He can’t stay healthy and when he’s tried to play through his injuries he’s been massively ineffective and invisible.

Good Hunting!

Ed Bonfanti

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