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On Second Thought – Week 1

Why is there so little movement on the waiver wires this week?  How come the weeks before the regular season typically see the least amount of waiver wire movement?

It’s because we have all drafted and have that preseason hope of a championship.  For the most part, our players are healthy and we feel good about who we picked.  Now we want to wait for the season to start and see where we need to make adjustments.

Wrong!  This is the time to pounce.  Use this time to get ahead of the curve. This is the perfect time to keep studying, break out of your norm and scour the waiver wire while it is open for the taking.

Look, if you drafted perfect and your league has already given you the trophy then disregard this article, but if you are like me and the many other millions of fantasy football owners out there, you had a round or two that you wish you could have back.

Maybe you made a mistake and took that injured future Hall of Famer as a late flyer instead of the young healthy 2nd-year player with all the upside in the world like I did in a few different leagues this season.

Or, maybe an accidental fat-finger slip caused you to grab a 4th running back in first 4 rounds leaving you very weak in the wide receiver department.

Whether self inflicted or by mistake, most of you have a player on your roster that is probably expendable and there is no better time than now to allow him to pursue his own destiny with another team. Henceforth, we shall refer to that as Tebowed.

Why is now the best time to do it?  Because right now everybody that is going to be on the waiver wire to start the season is available to you.  Look at is this way, next week on Tuesday or Wednesday when the seasons first waiver wire opens up, they are going to resemble the opening bell on Wall Street.

Owners’ seasons are going to be made and lost by their ability to snag the waiver wire wonder that just went crazy in week one.  These will be players who we’ve had our eyes on but didn’t pull the trigger during the draft or very capable backups who just got thrust into the limelight because the No. 1 stud just went down with a season ending injury.

You all know it’s going to happen in less than a week.  You have all seen it happen every season that you’ve played fantasy football.  Why not jump ahead of the mayhem?

There are still very strong candidates available on the waiver wire with tons of upside and you can get them right now without even moving your waiver wire position.  Let me ask you this, do you think the owner who took Cameron Artis-Payne is going to be happy for his fantasy team if Jonathan Stewart pulls up lame?  Of course they are, and let me further ask you this, do you think it’s possible J-Stew will pull up lame at some point this season?  Of course he is.

Do you think if Jamaal Charles goes down and you do not have the top waiver wire spot you even have a chance at Knile Davis?  Of course you don’t.

So cut your losses now and get rid of those bad picks for young strong players with upside and thank me later on in the season when a few of them have panned out and your team is a force to be reckoned with.

Here are 8 players, two from each position, who are available in the majority of leagues that you should seriously consider adding to your roster in place of the duds.


Andy Dalton, QB, Bengals – What?  Andy Dalton, are you serious?  I can hear the chorus of haters crashing down like a wave on the Cincinnati QB who is available in over 80% of standard leagues.  I just need you all to remember that I am not asking you to take him as your starter, I am simply saying that as a bye-week fill-in and insurance against injury, you could do much worse than a QB who has A.J. Green, Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard to throw to.

I see Dalton this season much like I saw Matt Ryan a few seasons ago. Everybody was high on all his players but not on him and it made no sense.  If they are all going to do well, then he has to as well, doesn’t he?  I would trust him as a backup on my team over many of the rookie QBs I see going way ahead of him.


Marcus Mariota, QB, Titans – Speaking of rookies.  Mariota is available in more than 65% of leagues and like Dalton, as a backup, will prove to the very serviceable this season.  Mariota is sneaky fast and will be able to break many a nice run in his first season.

Titans QB Marcus Mariota.

We all know what young running quarterbacks can do for your fantasy scores don’t we?  Think Cam, RGIII (his rookie season) and Russell Wilson.  I would think that is not too bad of a backup to have for your starter.  Probably much better than that old interception throwing, sour puss of a backup QB you have currently on your bench.  I’m looking at you Jay Cutler.



Cameron Artis-Payne, RB, Panthers – Artis-Payne is available in more than 85% of leagues and has a really good shot at quality playing time this season.  He is a 3-down back that if called upon could be a bell cow for a PantherS team in much need of offensive weapons.

Jonathan Stewart is ahead of him on the depth chart and will remain so if healthy, the problem is that you have a better chance than not that Stewart will miss games at some point this season.  That will open the door for CAP to step in. And from all that we have seen, he should do very well in Carolina.


Christine Michael, RB, Dallas – This is a really really deep sleeper but for seasons it has been known that Michael possesses crazy skills.  In the Pacific Northwest, we have felt that if just given the opportunity he could be the next big thing.  This never materialized in Seattle.  Now he gets a second chance in Dallas.

He has an unproven 3-down back, an injury-prone 3-down back and a change of pace back in front of him.  If he can figure out whatever it was that was holding him back in Seattle, he could quite possibly unseat all of them.  Heck, the rigors of an NFL season could possibly unseat all of them.  If he gets a chance to run behind that amazing offensive line glory be to the owner that has him on his roster.

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Rick joined FantasySharks,com as a staff writer in 2013, though he fell in love with fantasy football in 1988 with the first league he played in. In his articles he tries to feature players off the radar or deeper than most since, in his experience, by the time a player is a waiver wire "must have" they are not usually available in most leagues.