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It’s Week 10 and you can’t afford to lose another game. There are still bye and lots of injuries so the waiver wire could be your best defense against an untimely loss. Let’s look at the best options for you to stabilize your line up for the home stretch.

The week after the trade deadline is already producing some interesting by-products of the last-minute moves that happened last week such as Kelvin Benjamin going to Buffalo, Jay Ajayi going to Philly and Jimmy Garoppolo going to the 49er’s.

OK, Benjamin and Garoppolo didn’t effect anything just yet, but their moves definitely will and Ajayi had quite a significant effect on both the Dolphins and the Bill which we will discuss in detail later.

The point is there are quite a few items out there to consider when going to the waiver wires this week, and between byes, injuries and trade moves, most of us need the waiver more than ever so let’s jump in and discuss Week 10 waivers, and as always let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Jacoby Brissett has been coming along very nicely. This last week he registered 308 yards passing and 2 touchdowns versus Houston on Sunday and he is available for you to grab off of waivers in over 80% of leagues.

It appears that Brissett is starting to figure things out in this Colts offense.  It probably also helps him to know that it is 100% his team this year, now that the team has declared Andrew Luck out for the season.

Owners in need of quarterback help should be scrambling to pick him up considering how well he’s done lately then, right?  Not really, the Colts are playing Pittsburgh this week who just came off a bye. No matter how you look at it that is a bad match-up.  Then the week after that they are on their bye week.

So, on second thought, Jacoby Brissett, is not a good fit for any line-up for at least three weeks.  If it is quarterback help you need, then you should be looking towards an old stand-by.

Jay Cutler is available in 92% and is looking like the pro-bowler that he is.  This last weekend, in a loss to the Raiders, Cutler threw for 311 yards and three touchdowns.

He has had a rough go of it, staying on the field this season but finally looks healthy and put up big numbers Sunday. This next week he will be playing Carolina in a game that should see the Dolphins needing to chase points.

The Panthers have been playing very well which I why I feel the Dolphins will be chasing them all game.  The Dolphins also got rid of Jay Ajayi which means they will be relying more on the passing game.  All of these things figure into what should be a nice week for the old gunslinger.  Make a play on Cutler and confidently start him this week.

Switching gears to a quarterback who plays for a division leading team, Jared Goff is available in 51% of leagues and I don’t understand why.

Goff has been coming on strong since just a few games into the season and this last week threw for 311 yards and four touchdowns in and absolute dismantling of the New York Giants.  He has a great run game which seems to be loosening up the backfield for him since the box is always loaded on his team.

Goff and the Rams are playing Houston this week which is good news for all.  Houston is not the team they were at the beginning of the year.  They are a team that has been decimated by the injury bug and because of that are fairly good to opposing fantasy quarterbacks.

The Rams have been on a tear lately, they have played struggling teams in the past two weeks and have put up huge numbers on them both.  This next week Houston provides them with the opportunity to play their 3rdstruggling team in a row and there is no reason to think the outcome will be any different than it has been in the last two weeks.

Goff is the quarterback you most want in your line-up this next week should be still be available in your league.

Running Backs

Kenyan Drake is a running back who is very interesting for a fantasy owners in need of a running back.  After the news that Jay Ajayi was traded, the wavier wires went crazy with owners trying to scoop him up.  When the dust settled however, 45% of leagues still have him available for the taking.

Drake had a very nice debut this week when he ran for 69 yards and caught six balls for 35 yards in their loss to Oakland.  They will be playing Carolina this next week who have been easier on opposing running back this season than years past so he should be added in all leagues right?

On second thought, this is an offense that as mentioned before is going toward the pass with Jay Cutler at the helm, which means not a lot of touches for the backfield.  If you think about it, this is an offense that couldn’t even get Ajayi consistent yards when he was there, the idea of a second-string fill-in doing any better is ridiculous.  Stay away from Drake, you’ll be happy that you did.

Instead consider Orleans Darkwa.  This Giants running back has been talked about for most the season yet is still available in 59% of leagues.

I get it, he plays for the Giants and they are not good.  They are often chasing points which takes away from the running game but understand this. Darkwa is pretty much all they have and though he doesn’t put up huge games he is consistent in his numbers.

This last week he ran for a very consistent 71 yards and added 2 catches for 8 yards against a Rams team that just had fun with the Giants all day.  This next week figures to be a much easier task when they play the 49ers.  If there was ever a good time to grab him and play him it is now.

Malcolm Brown is also an interesting pick this week.  He is available in 99% of leagues so you will almost certainly be able to get him.

The reason I say he is an interesting pick is this. Over the last two weeks he has posted 105 yards on 26 carries. This is mostly because the Rams have beat up on the last two teams they’ve played allowing him to sweep up at the end of the game, once Todd Gurley is done.

I usually do not suggest that you consider a second-string player behind a back as prominent as Gurley but hear me out, the Rams are playing a reeling Houston Texans this week as mentioned earlier.  Over the last two weeks, when the Rams have taken it to their opponents, Brown gets in at the end of the game to sweep up and this game should be the same.  Again, this backfield belongs to Gurley 100% but if you need points this week, the match-up seems to dictate that Brown should get some playing time again which can mean some much needs points in the running back position during a bye week.

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