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Week 13 is upon us and you must ask, is 13 going to be unlucky for you? Not if we can help it. Let’s take a second look at popular waiver wire decisions and see if they are right for you.

Week 13 is the last regular season week for most fantasy football leagues. This means that for most of us it all comes down to this. The wrong decisions can put you in the dreaded consolation bracket.  The right decisions can put you in the championship bracket. It is time to choose wisely.

With this final countdown upon us and the trade deadline over, let’s look at what help the waiver wire can give those of us with needs, and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


At this point in the season one would think that you shouldn’t have a need at quarterback. However, there are those of us that have Alex Smith as our starting quarterback. In one of my leagues I rode him for all he was worth in the beginning of the season, and now I have managed to get myself into the playoffs despite him at the end of the season.

I must admit, I am worried about starting him in the playoffs now. It would be prudent to see if there is anyone I can put on my bench to replace him.

One quarterback in particular that has many owners talking is Trevor Siemian.  Available in 97% of leagues Siemian threw for 149 yards and two touchdowns in just two quarters. He replaced Paxton Lynch in the 3rd due to an ankle injury. Siemian looked great.  He’s with a good team so he is a no-brainer off the waiver wires right? No, on second thought Siemian will probably cost all of those who take a risk on him next week greatly.

He will travel to the East Coast to play Miami.  Long travel is never good for a replacement player. Remember, he was beat out by Lynch by the middle of this season for a good reason.  He was not giving the coaching staff the confidence they needed out of their quarterback position.  He is only in the game because Lynch got hurt. Sure Siemian is capable of putting up good games but he can also put up stinkers as well.  You can’t afford this person in your quarterback slot this time of year.  Do not risk it, instead look at someone like Josh McCown.

McCown had yet another great fantasy game on Sunday throwing for 307 yards and three touchdowns and also rushing for 28 yards.  More important is the fact that despite his good season so far and me often telling you to pick him up for bye week and injury needs, he is still available in 70% of leagues. McCown will be playing Kansas City next week who as of late have been easier on quarterback’s than they were earlier this season.  You could pick him up and play him with more confidence than you should have starting the opposing quarterback in that game Alex Smith.

Case Keenum could also give you the help you need if you have a quarterback that you don’t trust going into the last week.

Throwing for 282 yards and two touchdowns as well as rushing for 20 yards and another a touchdown makes Keenum that much more desirable going into this next week.   He is available to be picked up in 65% of leagues and faces a fairly nice opponent in Atlanta next week.  There should be a lot of scoring opportunities in that game, so Keenum should be good to go.

It should be mentioned that there was a worry recently about Teddy Bridgewater coming back.  There are also beliefs that Keenum is on a short leash because of this.  For right now however, he looks to be the starter this week, and he looks like he’ll give you great numbers if you put him in your line-up.

Running Backs

What if you need a running back? The pickings are slim and there was not a lot of injuries this week to give you Week 13 fill-ins.

D.J. Foster is a name that has many owners talking this week. He is available in 100% of leagues.

The reason he is being talked about is because Andre Ellington was sent to Houston last week.  Then Kerwynn Williams cracked his ribs this week. Adrian Peterson has been lack luster at best this season, so this makes for a very interesting pick out of Foster.

Foster could do great simply due to the opportunities he is going to get so it seems obvious to pick him up off of waivers this week right? On second thought, I would not risk my season on a running back we are not sure of yet, in an offense that can’t get a running game going unless the running backs name is David Johnson.

This offense has had some pretty strong running backs besides Johnson in their line-up this season and have yet to get any sort of ground game going. It would probably be for the best to stay away from Foster for now.

Jacquizz Rodgers on the other hand is someone you should seriously consider if you need running back help. Doug Martin left the game on Sunday with a concussion and might be out this next week.  If he is you need to pick up Rodgers immediately. Rodgers did only put up 31 yards on 8 carries in replacement of Martin, but look at the big picture. Rodgers has proven time and again that he does a great job in replacement of Martin when Martin can’t go. This is especially true if you are in a PPR league.  Rodgers is available in 93% of leagues right now as well.

One thing to be aware of if you go out and get Rodgers is that he tends to wear down after a few games. This is most likely due to his small stature.  So, with him it’s similar to getting pizza from Little Caesars, you want to get it while it’s hot and fresh.

If you are not a Pizza-Pizza sort of guy then you should consider Kenyan Drake.  Drake is part of the Miami tandem that took over when Jay Ajayi joined the Eagles. Drake is still available in 45% of leagues.  Up to this point he has been OK, but has lacked the big number due to the time share situation. That has changed. The other part of that time share is Damien Williams.  Williams is expected to miss 2-3 weeks due to a dislocated shoulder, which will give almost all of the RB responsibilities to Drake.

Drake should do well shouldering the load.  Drake is definitely a numbers play which is not a bad thing.  He’ll get enough opportunities to help you in your line-up if you have a have a need at that position.

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