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Wide Receivers

Need help at receiver? Paul Richardson could be your answer.  He is available in 65% of leagues and is also trending upwards.

Catching 9 balls for 126 yards in his last two weeks and receiving more targets than Doug Baldwin will make a lot of owners stand up and pay attention.  It seems that he is an easy target for those looking to the waiver wires for help this week.

On second thought, I caution you against Richardson.  Baldwin is still the man in the Emerald City and the Seahawks also still have a Tight End by the name of Jimmy Graham. Richardson has been very good these last few weeks but they have also been some of his best weeks ever.  How long can one really expect this to last?  Tread gingerly with Richardson and maybe look elsewhere, like the Raiders.

Who do the Raiders have that is better?  Cordarrelle Patterson, that’s who.  Available in 99% of leagues Patterson is a name all us veterans remember well, and are probably very cautious of.  If you recall his days in Minnesota you probably remember the potential he had.  This guy is a burner and can make huge plays.

He is now going to get an opportunity with Amari Cooper most likely being out due to an ankle injury and a concussion and Michael Crabtree being out due to a two-game suspension for fighting.

Patterson is going to get an opportunity to showcase his speed with a capable quarterback in Derek Carr throwing to him.  He could very well be the surprise breakout, end of the season receiver this year.  If you have the need he might be worth the risk.

Also worth the risk is Jermaine Kearse.  Kearse is available in 65% of leagues and has been playing very good football lately.

He gets a weakened K.C. defense next week and just came off best week yet with 7 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown. There is no reason to believe his good play will taper off, in fact it seems that he is getting a head of steam going into the end of the season.

If you pick him up you just might be the benefactor of a strong late season push.

Tight Ends

Speaking of a late season push, that is exactly what the Bengals are trying to do to put themselves in a spot to possibly get into the playoffs. One of the main players that has been helping them do just that has been Tyler Kroft.

Kroft has filled in very nicely for Tyler Eifert in his absence due to injury this season.

Available in 60% of leagues, Kroft has given us two weeks in a row with touchdowns. Andy Dalton is clearly looking in his direction in the red zone lately so he seems like an obvious pick up for those with Tight End needs right? Nope. Kroft does not catch many passes for those in PPR leagues, or just looking for targets. He also does not catch for much for yardage. No, Kroft is truly a touchdown dependent fantasy player, and he is playing the Steelers this next week who are tough on tight ends this year.

To me, that makes Kroft a “no-go” off the waiver wires.

Ricky Seals-Jones on the other hand is very exciting. Available in 98% of leagues this guy seemed to come out of nowhere last week and has now turned his good play into two straight weeks. With a 4 catch for 72 yards and a touchdown game last week against the tough defense of the Jags; Seals-Jones has put himself in position to be the top tight end off the waiver wires this week.

With Blaine Gabbert he can seem to do no wrong.  The two have a great rapport and could give you the push you need in that unpredictable crazy tight end position. Another Tight End who is trending upwards is Charles Clay.  Clay is a name we all know and trust, but he missed four games in mid-season and only returned three weeks ago. Since returning he has shown steady improvement and appears to be returning to the veteran form we have come to expect out of him.  If this is true he could be of substantial value to you in your line-up. His catches since coming back three weeks ago have seen a steady increase.  He had two catches 3 weeks ago,  then three 2 weeks ago, then four last week.  The yards seem to follow the same pattern as well with 13 then 27 then 60.

He really seems to be getting his groove back and when Clay is playing well he is a Top 10 tight end.  He could be a difference maker for you.

Clay and the Bills will be going up against the Patriots this next week.  With an opponent like that, it is almost certain that the Bills will need Clay’s help.  He should see multiple targets which is always what you want out of your receivers and tight ends.

There you have it.  Every piece of info I can think of to give you regarding the biggest waiver wire mutterings that are going around in Week 13.

Hopefully it has been enough to give you what you need to propel you into your championship playoff bracket.

As always, thanks for reading and good luck.

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Rick joined FantasySharks,com as a staff writer in 2013, though he fell in love with fantasy football in 1988 with the first league he played in. In his articles he tries to feature players off the radar or deeper than most since, in his experience, by the time a player is a waiver wire "must have" they are not usually available in most leagues.

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